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  1. I recently took on a new customer that is converting from Windows to macOS after they got hit with ransomeware. AFAIK Malwarebytes was purchased as a response to the ransomeware. Malwarebytes was not in use at the time.Is there a way of converting their 25-user license from Windows Endpoint Protection to and equivalent macOS product?
  2. Yes Aura! That is the one! Thank you.
  3. This week I was discussing Malware on the Mac & iOS with a recent convert to the Mac & iOS platform. I was trying to remember one particular exploit that was popular in the news earlier in the year. I'm thinking it was an iOS exploit. What little I do remember is that it originated in Israel, and that it targeted a foreign figure that may have been a diplomat or member in a nation's administration. My memory is so vague I was unable to form the keywords to perform a successful search. Does this sound familiar to anyone here and do you have any info?
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