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  1. Al Ok thanks again!. I'll try that out in a minute.
  2. Ok I'll check for updates and install it later and see how things go. Thanks for the help!.
  3. Can't right now. It's actually my wifes computer. When I have the chance I'll let you know. I actually uninstalled and reinstalled it a few days ago because when I went to click Scan now, it would switch to the screen it normally scans on and then just freeze. The pc was fine, it's malwarebytes wouldn't scan at all. Then last night all of a sudden CPU usage was 100% and I only had 1GB of available ram. So the same thing as the issue before but not quite as bad because I didn't get an "out of memory" error this time.
  4. I had the same issue pop up last night as before with the super high cpu and ram usage....Think I'm gonna uninstall it for a while and see how the pc runs.
  5. My wife has this happening again on the newest version.
  6. I get that Microsoft doesn't recommend Registry cleaners but that doesn't mean people aren't going to use those types of applications. Microsoft also likes to spy on their customers.
  7. Yes it is a false positive in that I didn't have that program on the computer that I ran Adwcleaner on. Like I said it's also a legitimate program from Raxco. Like I said before a "high detection rate" means little to nothing when the majority of detection's are false positives. Removing something that's "Potentially unwanted" doesn't help things, it just makes matters worse especially because no one knows the potential. The program "might be" unwanted, but you really have no clue, it's all basically a guess. A better guess that has more potential of being true is that end users don't want you
  8. It's not a virus or malware. It's related to InstallAware. If you've installed anything on your computer, you likely have that false detection. Malwarebytes is just full of false positives lately. I guess more detection's make people feel safe though.
  9. All these false positives from Malwarbytes lately. It used to be a good program...There is a fine line between a "high detection rate" and a good anti-malware application. Just because your programs detect a lot of programs doesn't make it better than other anti-malware programs. All these false positives and this too!. Maybe it's time for a revamp or rewrite of the software.
  10. Perfect Registry is also a legitimate program from Raxco.
  11. Also saw MimarSinan registry key was detected and that's definitely not malware.
  12. Just ran the new version of this and it shows false positives for any Raxco software. I have Pefect Disk 14 pro and the scan reports anything related to "Raxco" to be a PUP.
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