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  1. Thanks...I just found out about "Cleverbridge" and did as suggested....and bingo bango.....I retrieved my license key. Then promptly saved it and printed it out. Phew.....was a little worried for a minute.
  2. Today I had to do a clean install of windows 10. After doing so I downloaded MB 3.0, which went fine....now it's asking for my License key. I bought this a few months back.....I've checked my emails but don't see anything....which I may have deleted it. So how and where do I find/get my license key?
  3. Thank you so much. I thought as much...but been told by a few others on different forums that it in fact was a AV. Is there any conformation as such from MB itself?
  4. Is MB 3.0 an AV? If not does it effect how it interacts with window defender? Right now I just got that infamous "Real Time Protection" to turn on message. I was just wondering if there was some correlation between the 2 that might be causing this message popup.
  5. Thank you....but that's all for signatures...there's nothing that I found in that for avatar's. Personally, I think 50 posts is a bit excessive.
  6. Hello....all I want to do is change my profile picture. Is there a way to do that?
  7. So why did they classify Auslogic disk defrag as a PUP? My issue is that I can't even install it much less run it.
  8. I'm trying to install Auslogic Disk Defrag and Malwarebytes 3.0 keeps flagging it as malware. I've always used this software before and I like it. So how do I let Malwarebytes know this is a safe software.
  9. Hey Rich, I'm glad that I'm not alone in this. The odd part for me; is that MB is turning part of it's protection off...."All by itself". I set it to on and then a hour later....bam, pop up and go check...it's the ransomware protection that's turned off. Crazy. And it's a known issue in the BETA that made it's way into the GR.....even crazier!
  10. I keep getting the popup warning that I'm not fully protected. Then investigating it, I find that it's the Ransomware Protection keeps turning off by itself. Anybody else seen this particular issue?
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