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  1. I added a "custom" ant-exploit entry and then discovered that the Edit & Delete functions under Settings/Protection/Manage Protected Applications are non-functional (grayed-out). Even the custom application I added may not be deleted. I also observed that cycling the Exploit Protection button on-off-on causes the application entries under Manage Protected Applications to duplicate (see graphic) with each cycle. Apparently, this is corrected by cycling MBAM off and back on.
  2. I run daily incremental images with Macrium Reflect. Since upgrading to MBAM 3.0 the vss snapshots used by Macrium Reflect are not being deleted from the System Volume Information folder. I read somewhere that the Ransomware module is the culprit. Right now I have 15gigs of these files, and the only reliable way of deleting them is to disable system protection (System Restore) which deletes all restore points. Is there a Ransomware setting that prevents these files from being deleted? Or something else I should be doing?
  3. Running F-Secure here... and there is an incompatibility w/F-Secure's "DeepGuard" feature which causes "Unable to connect the Service" error after booting. Disabling DeepGuard seems to circumvent the error. Unfortunately, there is no way to whitelist within DeepGuard. For now, I have disabled DeepGuard figuring that MBAM has me covered.
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