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  1. Cool ! I reinstalled MBAM, switched protocols several times in HSS, no problem. Thanks again !
  2. Thank you for your help ! The VPN issue is solved. I appreciate that you worked on it, although it was probably not caused by MBAM. Fixlog.txt
  3. Should I reinstall Malwarebytes before running the support tool ?
  4. After extracting the logs with the support tools I removed MBAM, rebooted, installed v4.2, rebooted ... no change. I quit Glasswire ... no change.
  5. Thanks exile360, this did not solve the problem. Btw, Web protection was already disabled when I did the upgrade.
  6. Hi, Right after upgrading to v4.2 and rebooting, my VPN stopped working, with error message "IP adapter address collision detected". The VPN software is Hot Spot Shield. It can be configured to use two protocole, Hydra and IPSec, there is also an Automatic setting. I found a workaround by selecting IPSec. I had several comms with the HSS support, none of their advices did solve the issue. Is it possible that the issue is caused by the new version of MBAM ? Logs attached. mbst-grab-results.zip
  7. Hi, I remember that MBAM could not update when Temporary files folders were relocated to an ImDisk RAM disk. Has this compatibility issue been resolved ?
  8. The fact that some web sites, such as this forum, have a search field on their pages, does not imply that they add a search engine to the browser.😀
  9. I'm installing a cumulative update KB4565503. Let's hope it will fix the isssues with Win10 2004.
  10. @AdvancedSetup My logs. Last time I clicked Search for Updates in the About tab, it showed Downloading ... then Installing ... twice. It did download a bunch of data but I'm still with 1.0.972. mbst-grab-results.zip
  11. I have this parameter in my settings dialog, it's greyed out, I cannot activate it.
  12. @Maurice I have uploaded my logs? I hope they will hep. As I told before, I'll wait for another release.
  13. Thanks @exile360 Some utilities that I use now and then require JRE. I have used the repair option several times. I'll watch this forum and wait until a new version of MBAM is released.
  14. Hi, My internet connection became unstable so, having read this forum, I quit MBAM. When my connection came back I launched MBAM from the Start menu. Initially I had disabled Web and Ransomware protections. This time, Malware protection did not start by itself. When I tried to activate, the button kept spinning forever. Then I quit MBAM and used the support tool ->Advanced->Gather logs. Logs attached. mbst-grab-results.zip
  15. Thanks, it's OK now. I removed Malwarebytes with the support tool, upgraded my PC to Windows 10 version 2004, then I intalled MBAM
  16. mbam.exe does not start. Service is running but GUI and tray icon do not work. Re-install latest version did not correct the problem. Event log attached. OS: Windows 10 64bit Pro version 1909. MBAM (2).txt
  17. Hi, I cannot delete any file from this MBAMService folder. See the attache picture. I'm using an account member of the Admin group. I tried using the Administrator account, same result. On some files the error box requires a permission from System. The Security settings show Total Control for all files. Please advise.
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