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  1. Further to this, MBAE no longer lists Chrome.exe in the shield list, even though the change log states protections for chrome are included, and notification tooltips do not display when starting the Chrome browser. I actually prefer having the tooltip popup just for that extra re-assurance that all is well.
  2. Then surely this could be an opt-in option or parameter of some sorts ? Seems like a pretty significant change in behaviour that was not specifically detailed in any change log that I could see. One has to wonder about that privacy implications of such a change.
  3. Further to this behaviour (me too), version .97 also appears to be phoning home during an anti-malware scan. Network write traffic due to the mbae64.exe process was running at about 100k during the scan. Hmmmm ... not good imho. Added a new outbound firewall rule to take care of that invasion.
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