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  1. Yes, of course - here they are. Can you please look into them to identify the reason? FRST_logs.zip MBAM_logs.zip
  2. For me: Powerpoint crashes randomly when opening a file Firefox crashes when attempting to save file (opening works...) Malwarebytes service randomly freezes my PC by eating 100% of my CPU in many (again random!) cases malware protection module won't start. I'm disappointed with this fix :(.
  3. Well, it did fix a few things but it's still unusable - I'm reporting my issues in this thread. I do confirm the Powerpoint issue - it can't run from within Outlook and when file is opened directly from Explorer it crashes randomly when loading.
  4. Well, not quite impressed with 3.0.5 either... It has fixed several issues but brought new ones, to name a few: I can't save any file from Firefox as it crashes immediately when opening open/save window, Malwarebytes service periodically eats 100% of my CPU, malware protection module cannot start randomly when MBAM runs - it then says "starting..." all the time. Is that still related to Kaspersky issue not fully resolved?
  5. Right... But but doing so you are effectively killing the protection MBAM is supposed to provide, aren't you?
  6. Roger that, thank you! You realize that you are increasing everybody's expectations towards the patched version!
  7. One more observation - quite crucial I believe - MBAM won't allow Google Chrome to run at all. After switching MBAM Chrome runs with no problems... I'm sorry to say that, but this release is a complete disaster...
  8. Understood, thank you! Hopefully you will be able to deliver a fix, as Kaspersky is quite popular. And you're right - they just released build (c) of their current product. I will struggle to be patient then... In the meantime I'll try to see if MB3 works fine with Kaspersky off.
  9. Thank you for the reply - please find the logs and the FSRT data attached. MB_Logs.zip FRST.zip
  10. Update: when I unchecked all tickboxes in the "Application Hardening" section, it's all back to normal. But I doubt this is an acceptable solution...
  11. Same store for me with the exactly same configuration (Kaspersky Total Security in my case, but it's almost the same). I've set up a separate topic for my issue, and as said there many legitimate pages bring up the MB security dialog (for me it's related to application hardening), then both apps - FF and MB freeze for minutes and in 3.4 of cases FF crashes.
  12. Just updgraded from 2.x to 3.0.4 and I'm so disappointed - my machine is literally non-stop blocked by Malwarebytes. It can't load half of the webpages and it prevents opening literally every MS office files. All error messages relate to application hardening... That makes this software totally obsolete. What's going on? Do other forum members also experience that?
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