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  1. Thank you for clearing that up for me ?
  2. My Licence Key changed without my knowledge......( different ) and the interface shows no ID number..I tried to change it back to what it is supposed to be but no luck..Any help would be greatly appreciated..I have had the same Key and ID for nearly 5 years..Thanks in advance..
  3. I was wondering how to set Real Time Detections to 0 on the Dashboard..I deleted the reports and restarted laptop and the number still shows.. Thanks in advance..
  4. Installed Malewarebytes 3.0 on my Windows XP PC..Ransomware Protection is greyed out and states unavailable. Any suggestions or help appreciated...thanks.
  5. What is DB?I am still having issues with emails from Mailchimp
  6. I have several emails with the same issue from Mailchimp.
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