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  1. Yeah...I tried going to v3 but also had issues-system restored back to I read correctly we'll get 6 months of v2 updates from the day of v3's release. So I can wait.
  2. Hello Kevin and thanks for the welcome. May I ask why I should run the FRST again? Steven (I believe) resolved my original issue https://forums.malwarebytes.com/topic/193856-7412420789-qdreniqcom/#comment-1088873 Do not misunderstand me, I am not questioning your help, knowledge or sincerity. MBAM support and this forum have always treated me well. So if I should run it again I will. Just want to know why (I am always trying to learn). As far as MBAM v3 is concerned, I think I am going to wait on it as it appears there are many issues with it. I have been using MBAM for a number of years and love it. I did have a few issues when I upgraded (to v3) the other day, but I was also working on the other issue at the time so I cannot say "this caused that" at this point in time. So I went back to Regards, Tom
  3. Thanks Steven for all your hard work. I take it there is no infection in my machine (other than a slight case of heartburn...Oh wait a minute, I have the heartburn) . Anyway thanks again! I need to upgrade to v 3.05-but it looks like there are a few issues going on-think I'll wait a bit-still got a few months left on MBAM 2.2.1
  4. Steven, I figured it out....PM is on the way.
  5. The fiddler file is too big (even zipped) 32.7 M unless I did something wrong. Can I upload it somewhere-not sure how to do that.
  6. I've never used Fiddler before-I'll send you the results in a PM after I figure it out.
  7. I was unaware that Malwarebytes 3 has been released-will upgrade and do a new scan.
  8. Results from original post under FP/Website Blocking. Steven Burn (MysteryFCM) was helping me. Custom scan MBAM Prem- it was clean -log attached. Also ran FRST-logs attached. I have NOT attempted to re-run adding Dogpile search engine to Firefox via options. I also Use ESET SS v10 and todays scan was clean. MBAM Custom scan 1.12.17.txt FRST.txt Addition.txt The machine is not displaying any unusual behaviors as far as I can tell. I await further instructions (if any). Regards and thanks, Tom ( Original Post https://forums.malwarebytes.com/topic/193856-7412420789-qdreniqcom/#comment-1088597 )
  9. IE 11 ******************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************** Firefox 50.1.0 Regards, Tom
  10. Well I just reproduced it.... Firefox 50.1.0 (I called it 20.1.0 by mistake earlier). Win 7 x64
  11. Thank you for your help Steven. Regards, Tom
  12. Thank you for your help Steven. Regards, Tom
  13. I was in Firefox....went to options>search>Dogpile was not there. Went to add more search engines, typed in Dogpile and added it to Firefox. That's when the notification came up. It is just a website block...correct??
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