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  1. FWIW I am still finding that turning on real-time protection on the current version of MWB for Mac (3.2.36) is having the same problems as a few months ago. The RTProtectionDaemon ended up having noticeably high processor usage over time (confirmed by Activity Monitor) so I had to turn it off again.
  2. Is the real-time scanning component found in MWB Premium for Mac compatible and advisable on top of the real-time scanning of Avast for Mac? (High Sierra)
  3. It wasn't the CPU cycles, but the memory. From viewing Activity Monitor I could tell that my Memory Pressure was quite high, and when I finally killed the RTProtectionDaemon process, the memory pressure went down and my computer resumed its normal activity.
  4. I found the Rtprotectiondaemon definitely slowed my computer down to a crawl, as it was taking up 1.5GB memory before i killed the process. It seems to me that this is more like beta software, and that users need to tread carefully. I also noticed that unlike the PC version there's no way to end the trial, so users are stuck with the faulty realtime protection unless they carefully change the settings. This seems like an unfortunate time to start charging full price ($40/yr) for the Mac version.
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