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  1. Glad that you were able to resolve the problem; it might be helpful for others if you would share the solution. TIA
  2. You can also see several existing threads where this issue was raised and is being discussed, here's one for reference.
  3. @dcollins - Wow, that is impressive troubleshooting; excellent and timely support Devin!
  4. @Orrymain - I'd recommend following the instructions for technical issues in post #2 above to get the needed support. Good luck and I'm confident you'll get it resolved with the support of the MB staff here.
  5. I hope posting this link is acceptable (some forums prohibit links to competitor sites but I don't see that in the guidelines here), I found mention of this issue on the ESET forum.
  6. From what I've read on some other security software sites, Chrome recently incorporated that feature which after a crash identifies potential 3rd party software installed on the system which may be the cause of the crash. It is not identifying a definitive cause but rather just a possibility. You may have another issue with your system or its installation of Chrome which is causing the instability and it's not necessarily being caused by MB.
  7. I'd suggest following the instructions posted above for licensing issues.
  8. I'm not using it myself yet, but according to post #255 above the beta which seems to have solved the BSOD issue is "mb3-setup-consumer-". Looks like you have to have the beta setting enabled to get it.
  9. Looks like the process for manually upgrading to the latest beta release is explained here.
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