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  1. I've been running Windows 10 Pro x64 1809 for well over a month now on the Insider program. The only issue I've found is the self protection module crash at shutdown with MB Pro 3.6.1 After the installation of 1809, I always left the system alone for 5-10 minutes then restarted, this gives a/v products time to fully register once the restart is complete. I saw a similar status unavailable message for a different a/v product, which was resolved after a restart. Windows security settings do seem to take its time to get itself 'sorted' at times.
  2. FYI, This also happens with Windows 10 Pro x64 1809 builds as well (I'm on Windows insider pgm) with Fastboot switched off. Hotfix would be appreciated.
  3. Its not a good situation, thats for sure. But these things do happen, despite all efforts and processes in place to prevent then. II don't think there's an AV vendor out there that hasn't screwed all their customers at one time or another through faults in their updates. I recall several products deleting critical windows files before now, which caused PCs to have to be 'repaired' or even rebuilt in some cases. I just hope we get an apology as a minimum with a full explanation once this is fully resolved.
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