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  1. By "make a complete image", do you mean you copy all your drives? That would take quite a bit of time and more blank drives than I have.
  2. Ah. I will be sure to create a restore point before running any "portable" program. Thank you.
  3. Thank you dcollins. I did not know that. I found it set to "Always register Malwarebytes", but I think I may have ignorantly changed it.
  4. I will avoid Zemana. But I am curious, how did you delete Zemana portable? I use Revo uninstaller, which should have found and eliminated the drivers. It scans registry and file system for leftover items after the program's own unistaller is done.
  5. I feel this should be the default, perhaps with the notification: "Click here to disable Windows Defender. This will unset the Windows Action Center setting 'Never register Malwarebytes in the Windows Action Center'".
  6. Thank you Digerati. Done. I cannot say whether a reboot was necessary. It was time for one anyway, so I did one and now action center says "Windows Defender is helping to protect your computer".
  7. Thank you Gonzo. It was the big white box, which I had left blank because I did not see anything that indicated what should go there. When I typed in a body the topic was accepted.
  8. I use malwarebytes 3 [home] premium and am happy with it, but I would feel a little safer if I had another antimalware program, obviously one that is compatible with mbam. I was using MS Security Essentials on my Windows XP system and it actually found a virus that mbam did not, or at least did not tell me about [perhaps MSSE stopped it before mbam had a chance]. I have Windows Defender, of course, on my W8.1 system, but apparently it has been disabled. I have tried Avira, but consider it too obtrusive. AVG appears incompatible. Avast seemed OK on my XP system, but I have not tried it on W8.1.
  9. " There should not be any reason you cannot create a new topic. If that is the case, respond to this post with a screenshot and someone will assist you."
  10. How do I get it? I would expect something in "messages", but there is nothing.
  11. Ihave a registry hack that I have done myself and want to keep [it prevents logoff from appearing on the start menu]. MBAM 3 keeps finding it and I have not been able to find a way to tell MBAM 3 to always ignore it.
  12. Hi. You need to make it easier to -> selectively disable <-, like a box to check on the popup when a site is blocked = "Add this IP to web exclusions". Cheers
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