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  1. We would like it for the end users to be notified when there is an issue with Malwarebytes or a detection of something more than just a PUP. Can we change this in the settings somewhere?
  2. Hi guys, It turned out there were three copies of Malwarebytes on that computer. Version 2 (Corporate), Version 3 (Free, installed via Ninite), and the Cloud Agent we are currently using. Talking to Malwarebytes Support Australia the Cloud Agent should have removed the previous versions automatically but for some reason failed to do so. It appears the Cloud Agent was the only one running but the old folders and files were there from the previous versions and was screwing things up. I uninstalled all Malwarebytes using Add or Remove Programs / Programs and Features / appwiz.cpl, only version 3 and Cloud Agent were available to uninstall, then manually deleted all folders with "Malwarebytes", "MBAM" or "MB3" in the Program Files, Program Files (x86), and Program Data folders. Reinstalled the Agent. Scans now work as expected.
  3. Thanks for the work-around Dyllon, will do that for this incident. Unfortunately it still involves me connecting to the local machine, which is a hassle if the end user is not on a domain, which is the case with this machine.
  4. Hi guys, I'm just working on your cloud system and some files popped up last night that were flagged as malware and quarantined. That's fine, but I would like to take the MD5 or SHA256 hash of these files and put it into the likes of virustotal.com to see if it is a false positive, which I suspect they are. At the moment I can't see any details about the quarantined files other than a Detection ID and Scan ID, which seems meaningless to anyone outside of Malwarebytes. My only option seems to be to release the quarantined files and then upload them manually to virustotal from the end user's computer, which seems extremely risky.
  5. So other than reinstall it while on the machine itself, there is no other solution?
  6. Hi Malwarebytes, We have Clover running on hundreds of machines and it calls home every so often to check for updates. Each time it does this we are now seeing a popup that the website was blocked. Last year the admins removed it from the block list:
  7. Going by the failure log and comparing it to the scan log of the individual machines, it seems to be intermittent and usually runs the next time it is scanned. I wonder if the computers are simply being turned off during the scan and the console is reporting that as "machine.command.failed"? Maybe the error message is just not very helpful / self-evident?
  8. No, different companies, different domains. We have PDQ Deploy in some of our bigger client's premises. I have remote access to all of the computers, it's just a pain as there are quite a few. Just doing an audit, it's not as bad as I thought as some have the same error multiple times; it's 10 computers in 6 different companies.
  9. Thank you for your reply. I had hoped it wasn't the case as most of these machines with the issue are not local 😭
  10. Hi guys, At the moment when I do a scan on a computer using the cloud console I'm getting emails like the one below. It's not every scan, maybe 1 in 30, but it's still significant since we have several hundred end points. Re-running the scan gives the same error message (below). Any idea as to how I can get them to work properly?
  11. Hi team, sorry, looks like the database was out of date. Seems to be fine now.
  12. Hi Malwarebytes team, We have a staff member in Uganda doing some work there and we are seeing "www.google.co.ug" being blocked as a malicious website. I assume that Google should be fine. Can we please get someone to fix this? Thanks.
  13. As of today the issue has returned, Bitdefender will no longer install if Malwarebytes is installed, despite Malwarebytes no longer being registered with the Windows Action Center.
  14. Hi guys, Yes, turning off Windows Action Center registration has fixed the issue.
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