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  1. No. The spyware removal tool took care of it. Thank you though. If I have any other issues I’ll post again.
  2. PC Has been infected with Gukacado Trojan. Please assist in removal. Threat Scan.txt AdwCleaner[C00].txt FRST.txt Addition.txt
  3. Installed Chrome and it seems to be working fine. Thank you for the assistance.
  4. I followed the steps for setting up PIA to not use random files the last time, but I didn't delete the old files. I double checked to make sure I went through the steps correctly and then I deleted the old temp files that it created, which now seems kind of redundant because I ran the temp file cleaner immediately after that, lol. Steps 2 and 3 also complete, and results posted below. SystemLook.txt Fixlog.txt
  5. Okay, all the above has been done. I also attached the log from ADWCleaner that shows the registry key that keeps getting changed. Running ADW cleaner doesn't solve the issue though. After telling it to fix the registry key and reset the PC, if you scan again it will still show up as if it wasn't fixed. I also attached the Malwarebytes scan log from when it detected malware. It was on the regular scheduled overnight scan that ran the morning of the 3rd. Not sure why it showed up then but not other times. The images are just screenshots of what else chrome has been doing since I started having problems with it. When staring chrome, it repeatedly runs out of memory and will flash black. sometimes it will stay "black" and Ill have to restart chrome in order to be able to do anything with it. Clearing the cache seems to help for a second but it starts acting up again after a bit. FRST.txt Addition.txt Malwarebytes scan log.txt AdwCleaner[S14].txt
  6. Thank you for your input. Removed AutoKMS. I don't know what those two tasks are. Also, other than just "uninstalling" Chrome what steps to I take to ensure it was completely and cleanly removed before attempting reinstall? And is there a way to be able to log back in to Chrome without it putting it all back? Thanks again for the assistance.
  7. I have some sort of malware affecting google chrome. It is very buggy when it runs, it sometimes crashes, and when you use the omnibar to search for anything, it redirects to a google custom search cse.google.com. Malwarebytes premium wont detect anything. I've uninstalled/reinstalled chrome multiple times, followed the instructions on a couple different you tube videos that offer a solution to this issue, all to no avail. I have already run farbar and the appropriate files are attached. Not sure what to do at this point so here we are. FRST.txt Addition.txt
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