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  1. Zynthesist says it's real, but i can use Discord for chat just fine. But if someone tries to send me print screens I can't open them because MWB blocks the links.
  2. I guess it's all up to the Discord team. MWB just prevents bad stuff.
  3. MWB only flags me if I start a vocal conversation with someone. The conversation works fine however, so I don't mind really.
  4. I don't know if this was the cause that got it to work for me or not, but I post it here anyway. I deactivated my Premium license on MWB, then uninstalled it, then removed some leftover folders. Then I installed 3.0.5 from the link Aura posted and activated my Premium again. All good.
  5. Hi! Yeah, I tried to do so but the installation got aborted because of denied access when the installation process was supposed to move a file. I did a complete uninstallation of 3.0.4 and removed the left overs in safe mode. But when I installed 3.0.5 and later Premium activated it, it said I had 3.0.0. I got prompted to update and I thought that now I would get 3.0.5 like intended. But nope, I got 3.0.4 again and the Exploit Protection was turned off and locked. Update: So I tried again, this time with an installation from your link Aura. And it seems it works this time. Now all systems are on and it says I have 3.0.5. I have no idea what was going on earlier though.
  6. When I look at the taskbar icon for MWB (v 3.0.4) it says my Exploit Protection is OFF. When I try to activate it by clicking on it, the section turns grey and I can't do anything. But when I look at MWB's dashboard everything is turned on. Yet the taskbar icon has a red and angry exclamation mark on it. Also, every new update keeps removing my exclusions!!
  7. Hello! I'm about to replace my current SATA drive with an SSD, which means I have to do a complete install of Windows and everything. I'm now wondering, can I use my current Premium license a second this or is it good for just one use?
  8. Can confirm that updating the database solved the problem.
  9. Yeah, it's totally a Firefox thing. Because I tried on Chrome just now and nothing happens.
  10. I'd rather have pop ups instead of malware on my PC.
  11. So we can just ignore the message pop ups then?
  12. A quick update. I just got another message but this time it was different. Instead of s2.symcb.com it now say gm.symcb.com. It appears the first two letters varies depending on what site I'm on.
  13. I've been starting to get a message from MWB, saying something is up with Firefox. I attach an image of the message. I tried to run a Threat Scan, but nothing came up. The message pops up for some websites I am visiting, even this one. The other websites I visit are green AFAIK, I've been visiting them daily and it was just earlier today that the messaging started.
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