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  1. No, I'm done with MWB. I'm sorry but I have so many problems with it. Security layers turning OFF for no reasons, my exclutions getting removed after every new software update. I can't even install new drivers for my GPU without MWB freaking the hell out and turning itself off. I deactivated the automatic license renewal. After 100 days or so my license will expire and I'm out.
  2. Second update: I first deactived MVB and then removed it completely with mb-clean, then reinstalled it, activated my license and now all layers are on again. Please don't tell me I have to do this every single time I update something on my PC.
  3. Sigh, once again when I installed a new driver for my GPU one of the protection layers decided to turn off on me. Trying to turn it back on does nothing more but adding a little text next to the button that has been saying "Starting..." for the last 10 minutes now. As usual I have the latest versions of MWB 3.0.6 and a premium license. A little update: I rebooted my PC. Now the malware protection is on but this time the Exploit protection is turned OFF! Trying to start it has the same effect as mentioned above. What the hell is going on? My license renewal is getting closer but I don't think I want to do that at the moment.
  4. Where I live we use 24 hours instead of 12, which makes it a lil' bit confusing when making a schedule in MWB. Perhaps this could be implemented in the near future?
  5. Grandpoopah, that's hilarious. Anyway, if there really is something going on over at Gamebanana I'd like to know instead of whitelisting it and get computer aids.
  6. This still happens in 3.0.6 for me EVERYTIME I update my GPU.
  7. Whenever I install a new driver for my GPU, MWB reverts back to version 3.0.0. Problem is easily solved by just updating MWB to 3.0.5 again, but still. It's annoying and totally illogical. How can this happen? Nvidia and Malwarebytes shares no files at all together. Fix your program.
  8. Wow, that's just... wow. I've lost all respect for them now.
  9. I've given up on Discord. Yesterday I uninstalled it and reinstalled Skype again. Yes, Skype. When you choose Microsoft over something else it's bad, really bad. I actually never really liked Discord to begin with. It's design is big and clumsy and icons gets mashed together into a heap of crap if I try to shrink the window. Plus the watch is 12 hour only and can't be set to 24, which is a norm where I live.
  10. My Exploit protection got turned off once. But I guess that was because I had an older version (3.0.4)
  11. Well, screw Discord then. That was all I needed, to know that others except MWB notice something is up with Discord.
  12. They both say completely different things. Who's right and who's wrong? Ugh...
  13. This is ridiculous now. How long has this been? Almost a week now. I'm thinking about canceling my MWB license and abandon Discord. I give them till february.
  14. Wow. I dumped Skype because I thought Discord would be better. They all have their up their asses instead.
  15. Yeah. I whitelisted it again. If I would get anything, MWB would still find the bad file on my drive even if Discord is whitelisted.
  16. I just tried, still getting Website blocked. I'm pissed. Can't do stuff now, I can't see my profile picture, I can't open links or pictures.
  17. Merik's right. It still doesn't work. I'm getting mad annoyed.
  18. I actually removed it from the whitelist again but never bothered to edit or double post.
  19. You can whitelist the IP as it's a false positive (I asked the Discord team myself on Facebook).
  20. On one tweet the Discord team said it's a false positive so I'm about to exclude the CDNs because this is starting to get really annoying.
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