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  1. I don't dare f**king try anything until I hear an official "OK!" from the staff.
  2. Uninstalled for now as well. Using Windows crappy Defender and Adwcleanear
  3. As so many other have said, MWB just devoured all my RAM and putting my CPU on extreme stress level. I had to quit the whole thing, all seems normal now but I'm left with Windows Defender. This is outrageous. I've paid for my Premium license, I don't accept this.
  4. I right-clicked the icon besides the clock and selected "quit mwb". This helped, but now I'm left with Windows Defender.
  5. Ah, so it's supposed to be like that. Okay then. This thread can be locked now.
  6. MWB one day stopped notifying me when a daily scan was completed. I had to go check on the dashboard to see if MWB had scanned at all, which it did. Yesterday I lost my temper and checked on the settings, notifications were turned on. So I tried turning them off and on again. But after today's scheduled scan I still didn't get any notification. Should I reinstall?
  7. Oh. I've already tried that actually but turned it off again because I thought I did wrong. Guess I did right then. Also, the link clarified alot for me. Thanks.
  8. Hi! I've already deactivated the automatic renewal by using the link in the activation mail. However: These are my only options when I press Renew in MWB. Clicking on confirm just restart the automatic process, updating the payment method just let me choose how to pay but not directly or anything.
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