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  1. Hi LiquidTension, I appreciate your sharing the granular security settings' finer points with me. All I know is that in 1.0.15526 I'm no longer seeing alerts printed in red or yellow triangled exclamation points anywhere in Settings or Windows Security, and that as before I'm able to right-click a file to scan with Windows Defender, all of which are encouraging indicators of what I perceive to be Malwarebytes' admirable and continuous efforts to ensure users of dependable, ongoing performance.
  2. Allow me to push my luck here and ask where I could find a downloadable version of the user guide for Malwarebytes for Windows v4. thanks again.
  3. The puzzle first began when I noticed ‘Scan With Windows Defender’ was no longer in the context menu. Another head-scratcher was when I was unable to turn on Real-time protection in Windows Defender Virus & threat protection; an additional alert in red: "You're using other antivirus providers". Digging some more revealed that in Windows Security> Virus & threat protection, Malwarebytes is listed first. Odd, I thought, for Malwarebytes to get that kind of window space from Microsoft. Clicking "Open app" on that page opened Malwarebytes. On my Windows 10 Pro 1903/18632.418 system Malwarebytes, Update package version 1.0.15514 was installed on Nov 7, 2019. Opened, I gave a quick glance at the window and menus, which first impression was that it in no way visually resembled the prior version. On a very recent, closer inspection I couldn't help but notice that this new version 4 has a number of previous settings removed, as well as the complete, drastic overhaul to the UI. But I'm sure you're getting a lot of that. I should add that I peeked into Security Advanced Settings where I did see an impressive Anti-exploit settings matrix. What I hadn't contemplated was what, if any, adverse effects the newest flavor of Malwarebytes updates might introduce. Yeah, as did others in the not-too-dim past I had some issues, but they were always, ultimately resolved with the assistance and support of this forum. Settings on mine traditionally are default, and with this in mind I am of the belief that "Always register Malwarebytes in Windows Security Center" was enabled in Malwarebytes Security Settings by default. The disappearance of ‘Scan With Windows Defender’ and the disabling of Windows Defender Full-time protection finally got my attention though this Update package version 1.0.15514. Coincidence? Actually, it's all a moot point, as a search for "how to add Scan With Windows Defender to Windows 10 context menus" path led me to a thread and a post to tenforums.com, where a prompt reply recommended disabling the v1.0.15514 Always register Malwarebytes in Windows Security Center. This setting change fixed both the context menu and Windows Security Real-time protection, which leads me to suspect that Update package version 1.0.15514 contained come coding juju that convinced Microsoft that it really and truly was a 3rd party AV program. And then I received the forum reply from my uploaded scan results with the recommendation to disable Always register Malwarebytes in Windows Security Center. But now that package version 1.0.15526 is the newly installed sheriff in town, and Always register Malwarebytes in Windows Security Center is disabled by default, I'll never know about that coding juju. grazie, exile360
  4. Malwarebytes Support Tool scan results zip file attached. mbst-grab-results.zip
  5. An alert in that particular Windows setting windows (in red) reads: "You're using other antivirus providers". Windows 10 Pro 64 bit, version 1903, OS build 18362.418 Malwarebytes, Update package version 1.0.15514 installed In Windows Security> Virus & threat protection, Malwarebytes is listed first. Clicking "Open app" on that page opens Malwarebytes. In Malwarebytes Security Settings, both allow for Malwarebytes at start up and Always register Malwarebytes in Windows Security Center are enabled. Unless it's by design or intentional, how did Malwarebytes become the default Windows 10 antivirus?
  6. Some funky current fried my Windows 10 SSD, leaving me momentarily without a computer. I am aware of and had once previously de-activated/re-activated my Malwarebytes lifetime license, but that was when I was able to access the originally installed program. I should be up and running with a replacement desktop within the month but am concerned as to how to proceed with removing/de-activating the license from the dead drive to a newer one.
  7. "Deactivate". That's the word I was thinking of and forgot. Thanks, lil camo buddy!
  8. Will soon be replacing a Windows desktop. Have lifetime Premium Mbam which will be the very first program installed on the new one. Would it be recommended to sign off, out, abandon or otherwise terminate the existing license prior to new installation?
  9. It's understandable how not closing that scan window in that manner can contribute to it reappearing as the first seen on the next on demand scan. Sorta kinda like a cable TV DVR that's set for displaying the last channel viewed when powering up again. It's plausible, especially since I can't recall with any certainty that I don't, in fact, close it that way once a scan is completed. However, I am fairly certain that despite any previous habit of mine in neglecting to close that scan results window in the manner proscribed, I also hadn't had it reappear in subsequent on demand file scans until recently. Perhaps the provided logs can help shed some additional light on the matter. Thanks, @dcollins and @exile360
  10. mbst-grab-results.zip Thanks, dcollins. Was unsure of whether or not to attach them yesterday. They're here now. I also noticed the Notify me of replies was disabled, which was probably why I didn't see any indicators when logging on just a bit ago.
  11. It's been a ritual for me to scan every downloaded file with MSE and Malwarebytes prior to opening. In the past, when right-clicking a file MLB has traditionally opened with the pre-scan operations window, then progressing through its four stage procedure. Lately, the first window I've been seeing reads: Your scan is complete. No threats detected. It then changes to initialize the four pre-scan protocol. I don't think I'd noticed the seemingly backwards (scan complete, followed by scan) progression before but am curious as to whether it's always been like this or if something changed due to a recent update to have it act this way.
  12. Despite the rocky road I've had in the past with the lather/rinse/repeat/install/uninstall/re-install of previous versions, one fact that remains indelibly etched in my head is that in all my online and computer program downloading experience I've yet to find a place like this where I've *always* had the impression that regardless of being a free or premium account holder I wasn't ever being given the short shrift or been the object of condescension, and that I could almost always find a solution to any existing problem. That to me is an amazingly, enviable and reputable testament. Thanks again, 'lil yellow camo dude and Jekko.
  13. My Windows 7 desktop current has Mbam, Component package v 1.0.342, update package version 1.0.5068 installed on it. I am aware not only of a more current version and that it is my option to upgrade my install to it, but that the Mbam "lottery" may, in time, alert me to execute the upgrade. The previously installed 3.4 had gone months, literally, without the app notifying me of a newer version with some sort of visual alert, which was OK as far as I was concerned as it functioned as designed and without issues. When I finally did decided to upgrade to 3.4.5 after learning of its existence, it was done manually through Settings>Application>Install Application Updates. After doing so and following all on screen prompts I noticed that the Mbam icon was no longer visible in the System Tray. After checking here I discovered that I could download, install and run mb-check v (which also included FRST64.exe in the zip file) and again, after following the prompts, resolved the missing icon issue with a subsequent successful re-install of 3.4.5 While I have every confidence in the available tools and recommendations found in this forum, with this back history of previous upgrade irregularities I am somewhat reluctant to prematurely pull the trigger on Mbam 3.5. at the present time.
  14. Laziness was a prime motivator for manually instigating updates rather than running the proscribed troubleshooting apps. I too am at a loss as to why updates hadn't been installed for so long a period of time. It's reassuring that the path I did choose produced the desired result and hadn't (up to now) borked up the program. I will also keep my fingers crossed that future updates will be installed with the in-place automatic application settings. thanks again, lil yellow camo buddy!
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