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  1. hello, when i add GTA V in exploit protection list ( other ) then start game i get exploit detection error ! is this real exploit & i should uninstall my GTA V game or remove GTA V from exploit list and continue game? i try on other system & Malwarebytes detec exploit
  2. no problem to install both of them. but i want install malwarebyte only and have question if i uninstall kaspersky reduce my security? becuase malwarebyte dont have firewall and use windows firewall and dont scan web traffic such as kaspersky .... and dont scan windows ports ...
  3. hello, if i uninstall kaspersky internet security and install malwarebytes 3 only my security don't reduce? becuase kaspersky have firewall but malwarebytes don't have firewall ! also kaspersky analyse web traffic. inject script to scan traffic and etc.... kaspersky firewall is better windows firewall or not?
  4. behavior detection is not reliable to update every week instead of every day?
  5. hello, it is necessary to update MB3 every day or update every week is enough?
  6. hello, there are 2 foxit phantom on anti-exploit list, i think on of them should be remove.
  7. i'm very sorry, i try again and see i can edit or remove additional software, thank you
  8. hello, i can not edit or remove apps in anti-exploit option yet! plz fix
  9. hello, malwarebyte 3 detect csrss.exe (C:\Windows\System32\csrss.exe) as ransomware and block it. this is mistake, please resolve this issue. tnx
  10. i can't find any things why MB block some Tor IP ! this page show the IPs are safe but MB block them
  11. hello, why malwarebyte block some Tor relay? when i try to connect tor browser malwarebyte block some connection.
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