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  1. Hi, I'm on another system this time, and the infection is much worse. I started a threat scan, but at a certain point in the scan, it took over an hour on a file and never scanned it, so I assumed it had stalled. At that time, there were only 7 detections, and 6 of them were adware while one was a PUP. I tried to do more scans after that and they all stalled and I noticed that there were more detections. As of the most recent one, there were 27 detections. I have attached the following logs. Please help. Addition_26-12-2016 22.21.24.txt FRST_26-12-2016 22.21.24.txt
  2. Thank you so much for all the help, I'll let you know if anything happens. Should I delete Skype.exe since it showed up as a malicious website yesterday? It was blocked twice, the notification showed from Malwarebytes.
  3. I have done the fix and posted the log. Yesterday, I saw two pop-ups from Malwarebytes saying that a malicious website was blocked. I think it linked to Skype.exe, is there a way to pull up logs of the blocked website, and what should be done about this? I also did a quick scan right after it restarted, and the message still shows up. Fixlog.txt
  4. Hi Eagle, I have updated Windows Defender, but it still shows that message. I did a full scan with Malwarebytes after that, and it found 6 PUPs. I removed those, and did another quick scan, and the message appeared again. I'm not quite sure what to do anymore. I think this system might be infected, since I did the same scan on my laptop and the message did not appear. Any suggestions?
  5. Thanks for the quick response, I will let you know if anything else happens.
  6. Hey Eagle, and thanks for responding. I have attached pictures of what happens during a quick scan with Windows Defender. In the results screen, it is also empty under the "Quarantined" and "Allowed" items sections. This would also have the same result during a full scan. I forgot to mention in my first post, but yesterday some links I clicked would redirect me to a false error page I couldn't close, so I had to use Task Manager. Since following the steps from the other thread however, I have not been having links redirect me. I will post the rest of the logs that I got from running scans. One threat was found and removed using the Sophos Tool, but I don't remember what it was. JRT.txt AdwCleaner[S0].txt AdwCleaner[S1].txt
  7. While scanning my computer with Windows Defender, a prompt appeared, saying that "Preliminary Scan result show that malicious or potentially unwanted software might exist on your system. You can review detected items when the scan has completed." I have done multiple quick and full scans since last night, but Windows Defender reports that no threats were detected. This is on Windows 10 by the way. While looking up solutions, I found and followed the instructions on this thread: I followed steps 1 to 4, but Windows Defender is still coming up with that message. The first time I ran Malwarebytes, it quarantined 40 threats, and I cleaned them. The second time I ran it, nothing was found. Please help. FRST.txt Addition.txt
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