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  1. Santos117

    MB 3.5.0 Beta

    Hi @throkr , Appreciate the feedback! We are still working on all the language files and once we have a final Release Candidate after beta, then these should be fully translated. Thanks!
  2. Santos117

    Bèta 3.5 so far so good.

    Thanks for the great feedback
  3. Santos117

    Beta 3.5

    Appreciate the feedback
  4. Santos117

    3.4 beta 2

    @crisoliv Thanks for the review! Appreciate the good feedback. Keep us posted
  5. Santos117

    Notification bug is back

    @Nerius Thanks!. So I do see the issue you mentioned now. We are showing the scan complete notification after scheduled scans in 3.4.2 but we should not be. Its working correctly in 3.3.1. That being said I just wanted to clarify that the Disable Notification Setting only applies to web blocked notifications, and malware and pup non auto-quarantine notifications. So that setting wont affect this notification behavior. That being said I will write up a bug for this to be tracked. Thanks for the info!
  6. Santos117

    Notification bug is back

    HI @Nerius, Are you using Premium or the Free version? Also can you let me know what OS you are on. I would be happy to investigate this for you and provide some feedback.
  7. Santos117

    Notification bug is back

    Understood @Porthos Thanks for your reply. I do believe this is currently working as expected however do have a bug tracking where these notifications stack and do not dismiss each other. Unfortunately we will not be releasing a fix for this issue in this release.
  8. Santos117

    Notification bug is back

    Hi @Nerius May I ask which notification issue you are seeing specifically? Do you have a screenshot of the notification in question? Please note that disabling notifications in Application Settings will only suppress the following notifications: - Web Blocked notifications. - RTP Blocked notifications when auto quarantine is off. All other notifications are high priority and will not honor this setting.
  9. Santos117

    3.4 Beta Notifications

    Hello @Max-H, Clearing the reports and or clearing your Quarantine table will not clear the entries in the Notification Center. Basically these are entries of your shown notifications for only RTP at the moment. That info is storied in a config file to report to the UI. Once you reach the max of 25 notification entries, they will be cleared in a first in first out basis. We currently have no plans in the future to add a clear function in the notification center. Since this is the first launch of this functionality we will wait to see what the user feedback looks like. Thanks!
  10. Hello @alb , I wanted to point out a feature in Windows 10. The screenshot you provided shows you are using 3.3.1 and the action center you see in the screenshot is actually Windows Defender Security Center. This is a new feature added in Windows 10 which we do not support in 3.3.1. For 3.3.1 we will only correctly show register/unregister actions in Security and Maintenance which is where the Windows Action Center information is located. If you want to download our 3.4 beta, this build will have functionality to support both the regular Windows Action Center AND the Windows Defender Security Center which are two different things. Thanks!
  11. Hello @Vengarl, We have a new installer where we fixed the issue of the installer not spawning after reboot. You can download it from this link directly: https://downloads.malwarebytes.com/file/mb3 if you wish to test the upgrade again. Regards,
  12. Santos117

    Version 3.2.2

    Hello @edsa, We have a new installer where we fixed the issue of the installer not spawning after reboot. You can download it from this link directly: https://downloads.malwarebytes.com/file/mb3 if you wish to test the upgrade again. Regards,
  13. Santos117

    Version 3.2.2

    Did you drag and drop your zip file into the comment? I dont see an attachment in your previous comment there.
  14. Santos117

    Version 3.2.2

    Hello @edsa, My apologies for the incorrect reply yesterday. Can you run this exe: https://downloads.malwarebytes.com/file/mb3_check That link will download mb3_check.exe. When you run it, it will extract a zip file on your desktop. If you could provide that to me it would be helpful to understand this issue more. Thanks.
  15. Hello @wishbonenm, yes that issue is logged in our backlog at the moment. It is an issue with Self Protection. The devs should be looking into it soon. Hello @Vengarl, If you still have the same setup available could you run mbcheck for me and attach the zip file that it creates on your desktop please: https://downloads.malwarebytes.com/file/mb3_check Other useful logs are the MB3 Uninstall logs. Those can be grabbed from the %temp% directory and they have the following naming scheme: Uninstall Log 2017-08-28 #001.txt. Do you know what Version of MB3 you had before you ran the upgrade? Thanks in advance for the info!

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