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  1. I followed the steps and it seems like it's solved. And as usual, a clean removal solves the deal... Thanks to both of you for your help. Really appreciated!
  2. Hello, It doesn't show any entries in the "Logon" tab in Autoruns. What should I do now?
  3. Basically the program starts itself without having permission to do so. How is that? It doesn't start with windows, it starts like 5-10 minutes afterwards. By the way, it doesn't start scanning. How can I prevent this? I have no problem with this, but it's just frustrating to continuously having to exit Malwarebytes each time I turn on my PC. It says the Trial expired, but is this the reason why the program starts? Just to notify me?
  4. Oh, sorry. Forgot about that! My mistake. I will do it a bit later on today, since I'm busy at the moment!
  5. After the installing MalwareBytes 2.0 yesterday, the real timer scanner suddenly (today) blocked Lol.launcher.exe (League of Legends launcher, the shortcut on desktop). Kind of strange, since it worked yesterday. Just wanted you guys to know. I excluded the file, and have no problem at the moment. It was detected as a backdoor(something).
  6. Hang on until a staff member is coming. He will help you out. Just some suggestion from me: - Did you update before you scanned? Please do. - Check the task manager, choose "Show all processes", and look if there are anything with randoms letter, like "12321843df" or "fedafjeu.exe". It's a high chance that if you have something running in memory, and it's random letters, it's malware. - Scan with different anti malware applications to increase your detection ratio. - Download CCleaner, open it, Hit "Options", now you hit "Advanced", and lastly you untick "Only delete files in Windows Temp folders older than 24 hours". After you've done that, hit "Cleaner", and now you hit "Run Ccleaner". - Keep in mind, there are several programs that looks like adware, but aren't considered as adware because of some reasons. And one more thing, for malware removal, please post in the right forum.
  7. Malwarebytes is indeed a very nice tool for removing malware! If you have, or know anyone struggling with slow PC or malware on their PC - please tell them to try out Malwarebytes. They won't be disappointed!
  8. Yea, you won't get a decent answer. Every anti virus will miss something sometime. Just go for the anti virus which suits you the best and meet your requirements the most. As I said, I'm using Nod32 because it suits me. It's very light, don't make my system freeze, don't have any compatibility problems with the programs I use, detects and removes a lot of malware, and it don't spam me with alerts.
  9. One question, if I've turned off my computer 12:59 and my schedule update will be 13:00, and I boot up 13:29, will the program update itself immediately, or do I have to update myself?
  10. I am using Eset Nod32, never had any conflicts. Never been infected with malware either. The combination of Eset Nod32 and Malwarebytes PRO is awesome, no other combination will be or are better than that.
  11. Since I haven't got a prompt from windows saying there are two ips with the same ip in the network, I'll let it stay like this. I'll use your suggestions if/when it reoccur.
  12. I have a problem with the network on my computer. I have both a wireless network and a normal one with cable. The network is quite unstable, and when I try to troubleshoot the issue it says it can't connect to the DNS. It has also been issues with double IP's in the same network, but I have used to write "ipconfig /renew" or "ipconfig /release" and then "ipconfig /renew" in the command line to solve that one. That being said, it still happening again. FYI, I haven't noticed the double-ip-issue lately(last 1-2 weeks, so I guess it's gone now). Any suggestions?
  13. Hit full system scan, a new window will pop up, then choose what you want to scan.
  14. You can simply ignore the file by open Malwarebytes - ignore list - find the file and add it.
  15. Never mind. I didn't read your post properly.
  16. It's already built in. In the end of the update, you will notice another update to start, that's the new-program-update-thing. Download a old version and test it out.
  17. I love this function. Especially when I'm on my virtual machine and having a highly infected machine! Love it!
  18. You know.. The memory is there for being used. Maybe you don't know, but if you have 4gb memory on your pc, and a random program use 60mb of ram, but one day it changes to 400mb of ram, you won't notice a thing, because it's there for being used. But CPU is a different thing, that slows down your speed. Anyway, if you already knew this, and you are saying this because you are low on memory, for sure.. it might be a problem for you. But nowadays, people have more than 2gb of ram, usually.
  19. Rage, lol. Dude, seriously. Stop complaining. You can turn the Website Protection off. Ain't that hard!
  20. In Safe Mode there are only some drivers that are allowed to run, I think. You can think of an installation there you decide if you want a full installation or a custom one. In the custom one, you can chose only the most important one, but in the full installation mode on the other hand, everything will be installed, and in your case ran.
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