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  1. hi, in answer to your question, shutdown takes about 5 minutes. If I disable the real-time protection in Microsoft Security Essentials, then the issue disappears, and shutdown is fast again! I tried creating exclusions in MSE but that did not help. I excluded mb3service.exe and mbarw.exe , both as file-exclusions and process-exclusions, and also the folders c:\program files\malwarebytes\anti-ransomware\ and c:\programdata\malwarebytesARW\ It seems like maybe MSE is only applying the exclusions to scans and not to real-time protection. Maybe I should swi
  2. Here you go. (I only have the 3rd folder from the 3 you mentioned) MalwarebytesARW.zip
  3. hi I'm having the same issue with Win7 shutdown/restart. I have to first manually stop mb3service before I can shut down. Started a couple of weeks ago. I tried a clean install and, as with conehead, I shut down successfully once, then the problem returned.
  4. hi, I have the same problem, running windows 7 x64 and MBAR beta 8. To be able to shut down or restart successfully I need to first manually stop the MB3service service. I have followed the instructions above for a clean install, again with beta 8, but the problem persists. I have attached the files from c:\programdata MalwarebytesARW.zip
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