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  1. I did get it to completely stop on my AMD machine by exiting Malwarebytes and ending task on Malwarebytes Service. I can't get Malwarebytes to stop on my Intel machines doing the same thing so they are turned off. To Malwarebytes staff, as a user 3 has been a nightmare at times.
  2. @1PW It returned yesterday on a different computer, Cleaned everything like I did the 1st one and it's working now also. Thanks for your help.
  3. @Phurry I've had this issue on two of my Windows 10 computers so far. Seems to have happened after the last Windows 10 update. I was able to fix it pretty easily. 1. I ran Ccleaner (Cleaner and Registry Cleaner) 2. Ran Kaspersky Privacy Cleaner (Dunno if running both is important, I just did) 3. Restarted computer 4. Turn on the Ransomware Protection (Still spins and spins trying to start it) 5. Restarted computer again with it trying to start Ransomware Protection 6. Upon 2nd restart all protections are on and have stayed that way.
  4. Thanks @1PW I think I just fixed it. It's been going on the past couple of days. I disabled Kaspersky Protection and my VPN which did nothing. I cleaned it with Ccleaner (again) and restarted it again. Then I was checking for exclusions as you suggested and saw the "Privacy Cleaner" in Kaspersky, ran that and restarted and my Malwarebytes protection is all on and all good now. I had no exclusions set in either program.
  5. I've frequently had the Real Time Protection Layer warning and usually reinstalling Malwarebytes fixes it. But I'm tired of reinstalling Malwarebytes 3.0 After the Windows 10 update yesterday Malwarebytes gives the warning but this time it's the Ransomware Layer won't start. Running Windows 10 (Windows Defender is off because it flat doesn't work) Kaspersky Internet Security Malwarebytes Version Any ideas or will an update fix it?
  6. MBAE shows in the log that "Google Chrome and plugins are now protected" Chrome still won't open with MBAE on, but the blocked exploit attempts shows 0 still. I can start MBAE after Chrome is open and Chrome stays up, but I can't open another Chrome window. Disabled my Chrome plugins and it won't start with MBAE enabled.
  7. I just got MBAE yesterday installed version Chrome Version Version 54.0.2840.99 m (64 Bit) I try to open Chrome and it closes immediately. I can't see Chrome try to open. Ccleaner popped up to clean it. So it's trying. I turned off Ccleaner, no joy. I turned off MBAE and Chrome opens. the Mbae says that Google Chrome is now protected. I'm going to see it it will work now.
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