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  1. Yes I know, but it was not the issue, I opened Chrome and when search or even refreshing page now I still see that Kaspersky warning, never happened to me before I almost only use Secure sites.
  2. Hi, Thank you I will try that Ad Blocking. Yes I use that Kaspersky version, thank you for advice. Let's see if I get rid of this only changing Ad Block Extension.
  3. Hi Support Team, I am having this issue for a while and just came here to warn you about this. I already made a clean install of Chrome and the issue as gone only for two days, the issue is that I am seeing this warning by Kaspersky but NO warning by Malwarebytes, I just installed a trial version to check the real time protections. Here is what Kaspersky told me: 04.07.2018 08.16.20;Blocked an advertisement site or a URL that can be used by criminals to damage your computer or personal data;https://datds.net/replacement/find?place=5608&subid=gciaoa7c7c3ee;https://datds.net/repl
  4. I already have used the removal tool before use chameleon that was the tool that installed MBAM 2.0 last version and it is working fine. By the way your support is great. Thanks
  5. I am on Windows 10 Pro last version, not insider preview. Yes created an iso with Microsoft Media Creation Tool
  6. Ah, I have Windows Defender turned off on computer policies. Do not want to have many programs checking for Malware, Mbam 3.0 was enough for me, I tried and like much on other computer. I does all I need, do you think it is for have Windows Defender off ?
  7. Yes it is strange, downloaded from that location and happens the same, I care about computer on many years was rare to have malware of any kind, that's why I like to have MBam for check with a scan all weeks.
  8. None of the programs on info you gave open, Farbar tells is not compatible with the system. The Mbam check does not open like Mbam setup, I am a bit tired of this but ok,also Mbam 3.0 show lots of false positives of Auslogics BootSpeed that is a trusted and very good, does not understand all this I am used to work and do maintenance on computers and can not resolve all this. I think I will stay with Mbam 2 or go for Emsisoft or other anti malware solution. It is very strange your setup show as unknown publisher. What else I can try ?
  9. Thank you for fast reply, I already have tried that and now tried again, User Account Control is disable now, and when I click on show more information the mouse icon stays with a Hourglass and does not open anything, I waited about 2 minutes. I have last versions of Windows 10 pro
  10. Hello Admins, I changed PC and need to install MBAM 3.0. but can not open setup, I run it as Admin and the error showed on attached file says blocked by Administrator, I searched on Google and was able to install with Chameleon the 2.0, but it does not tells me to update for 3.0. What I can do ? Best regards.
  11. Hello, Recently tried you product and was surprised when I saw detection as PuP about 100 files from the World trusted Auslogics Bootspeed last version. Even when installing this product MBam pops a lot of PuP advice's. We can always put Auslogics Bootspeed on ignored items but this behavior don't make me trust much on Mbam. I think in the past this Anti Malware was better than now. Regards.
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