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  1. Just updated from this version, i.e. v1.09.1.1275 to v1.09.1.1291. Had to terminate the exe after the install with Process Explorer, and restart to get the tray icon to show, again. Otherwise, still running on XP.
  2. It is worth it to me, since I have a lifetime license.
  3. I just updated from v1.09.1.1261....Seems OK, running on XP. Had the missing tray icon again, but shutting down and restarting, brought it back. I could try running this new experimental version in Windows 10 on my Surface Book. But, whereas I was always game to run everything on a production system in XP, discretion is the better part of valor when it comes to try it out on that, i.e Surface Book.
  4. I have marked the forums as read...I think I have it set up right, now. Will see how it goes.
  5. I installed over the top of the current release version in XP Pro, and didn't need to reboot. The MBAE exe, not the service, had to be terminated, and then restarted to get the tray icon to show in the task bar. Also, what appears to have been a FP, and which I checked at Virus Total, so OK..
  6. So, today I have logged in more than a couple of times.... Therefore, it seems you are saying that all those 'unreads' from all sub-forums and that were previously merged in to one, are no longer there. Oh, well! That is unfortunate and disappointing, all-in-one. I guess I just have to grin and bear it. As you can tell, I have been a member of the forum for a long time. But, sometimes that is not enough when pointing out things that I now find wanting and lacking. Thanks for your assistance.
  7. I'll take a screenshot and get back to you, shortly. I will add the screenshot to my thread. As yet, I have not marked the site as read. So, in theory there must hundreds of unread posts, still
  8. I did that, i.e. logged out and back in. But, it does not show anything like, what I would like to see as shown under the previous format, and shown by that screenshot posted above by Aura -
  9. I made those changes, but to no effect...In other words does not achieve the desired intention. Funny thing is I can achieve what I want with the individual forums, e.g. this forum, "General Chat" which has currently has 3,729 topics and stretches back 150 pages. So, currently the forum changes, from my point of view have detracted rather than being an enhancement.
  10. Hi Michael, Thanks for getting back to me, and letting me know how to [custom] set up, for me to access the [my] unread posts. Much trickier that it used to be, that's for sure. Before, when I logged in, under the previous forum software, it was just there and obvious. I have to scratch my head, now, in comparison. P.S. I still have to go through all those steps you have shown in your reply in this thread, to see how it will look.
  11. I never know when I will get an update. I don't even know about any betas, since Pedro or any other Malwarebytes staff no longer visit and post at Wilders' Security forum. Anyhow, this is how I found out there was a newer version available, and which I have allowed to be installed.
  12. Yes...For instance, I might not have signed in for a couple weeks, and when I logged back in, there might be 15 or more pages of unread posts waiting for me. So, I would load them one after another in new tabs within the browser, and then work my way back from the oldest to the newest posts, closing each tab as I worked backwards to the beginning, i.e. page one. Not complicated. ;) Now, I can't do that, any longer.
  13. I am an old dog, so to speak, and I don't learn new tricks! Since I have been a member of Malwarebytes forums, there have been at least 5 [forum software] changes. Too many, for my liking.
  14. Bring it back...otherwise I will go baresque! See my posts, earlier today, here -
  15. I went to that link, thanks....It gives an example of what I used to see, similarly, when I went to the [forum] page that would show me ' all unread' posts, made since my last visit. Now, I haven't a clue of the total of posts made in the forums since my last visit.
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