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  1. Thanks for your reply. I hope this is fixed quickly. The first thing I thought was that it was some form of actual malware or phishing exploit masquerading as a Malwarebytes message. I have my browser fairly well locked down, so I haven't seen anything like this in quite a while. I guess it's tough to block a (previously) trusted a application like this on our systems.
  2. Malwarebytes Premium user here and not happy to see this popup tonight. Please disable it and add and opt-out setting to block any future marketing tests. Until this is patched, does anyone have a hosts file entry, IP block, permission setting or another way to block these without breaking the legitimate Malwarebytes functionality that I paid for?
  3. Eagerly awaiting the update fix. If the fix will be lengthy, perhaps rollback to the previous stable version in the meantime.
  4. Also having this problem today with Malwarebytes 3 Premium on Windows 7 64-bit. My browser crashed and Windows popped up a notice about lack of memory. Then Malwarebytes was showing Real Time Protection (web) tuned off. I killed the process and Malwarebytes restarted and I watched the MBAMService.exe memory usage in Task Manager steadily climb through the roof. Then I searched and found this discussion and have now disabled the Malwarebytes service until I see notice of an update fix release here.
  5. As a test, I re-enabled MSE Real-time protection after the Tuesday (11/29) update from Microsoft. After a couple days without issue, I had the same system slowdown hang again today (12/1). I have had all the exclusions in place since last week, but the exclusions alone do not seem to be a 100% effective solution. I have now disabled MSE Real-time protection again and will keep it off until there is some official diagnosis and solution from Malwarebytes and Microsoft. Until this recent problem I had both MSE Real-time protection running alongside Malwarebytes Premium for at least a few yea
  6. I also wanted to mention that since disabling Real-Time Protection in MSE I have been able to run an MSE Quick Scan and MBAM Threat Scan successfully without any hits.
  7. Yes, I had added all MBAM and MBAE .exe files to both "Files and Folders" and "Processes" exclusions in MSE and rebooted when another hang occurred. However, in MBAM I only added the MSC directory and MsMpEng.exe to Malware Exlusions in MBAM. I had not added the MSE Processes to Web Exclusions in MBAM. I will do so now. At first, the exclusions seemed to work for most of the day until later when I had another hang. A notable difference was that the latest (post-exclusions) hang occurred some minutes after booting. I thought everything was okay and started browsing, then minutes later I ha
  8. I thought I had some success with the exclusions earlier today, but I had another extended hang just now (with MSE and MSE/MBAM/MBAE exclusions in place). After many minutes waiting to shutdown, the "Preparing to Update configuration" message was shown on the screen, despite not making any changes nor seeing any Windows update notices (and nothing is shown in Update History). For now, I have kept the exclusions in place, but disabled MSE Real-Time Protection. I did update MSE again to find new definitions version available, but I will keep Real-Time Protection off
  9. I think I've seen a similar issue here intermittently for the past few days on Windows 7 x64 Ultimate SP1 (with current November updates), Anti-Malware Home Premium, Anti-Exploit Free and Microsoft Security Essentials ( definitions). On boot, any application I tried to launch would hang for a long time (minutes) before responding. I was able to eventually shutdown, but the process also took extra minutes for each menu selection (to shutdown). I saw MsMpEng.exe and mbam.exe using the majority of CPU% on startup. The Event manager showed MsMpSvc timeouts as well
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