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  1. Yes all is fine now.Thanks you! If you can tell me what happened?
  2. Yes still having issues says blacklisted when I go to activate. I'll be leaving in a few minutes to go to work so will be awhile before I'm back.
  3. Also I want to correct my self the one from Amazon was 3 separate licenses NOT a 3 pc key. The 3pc key came from Malware support.
  4. Thing is my 3pc one came from Malwarebytes support so actually its not Urban legend unless them themselves are committing piracy and fraud..and key was never used by me so again how did it get misused. I just wonder if somehow they can create special key? or maybe the support tech was wrong on the 3 pc...but don't punish the consumer for your error. Anyway if you want I can send the email to you just to clear the air.
  5. Actually this is the first issue I have had with them. As a matter of fact the license I'm having issue with WAS given to me from Malwarebyte due to a 3 pc lifetime one I purchased from Amazon in 2015 or so (yea I know but figured Amazon digital would be legit since its from Amazon) it turned out to be blacklisted 2 years later. Malwarebyte did not have to do this for me since Amazon was not a Authorized reseller but they did (although now is shows blacklisted and I never used it guess that point might be mute now) that's one of the reason right now I have around 10 licenses and have given away at least 4 to family and friends and this is the old lifetime ones. Most of mine was bought from Newegg during sales
  6. But why say its fixed and closed it even when the customer says its not. Since They said it had updated and reverted back to trial heck nothing in my ticket saying that...not even close to my issue. Appears like someone was just trying to meet a quota? Guess time will tell since I have started another ticket. Thanks for the reply.
  7. Guess this might be more of a rant but hoping maybe someone can tell me who else to contact. Long story cut short..I have a lifetime license given to me from malwarebyte support (yes i have email as proof) never used but went to add it to my account and could not said to contact support so I did. I had explained in my ticket that wanting to add the key to my account but could not. Support did respond back saying that they undertand that after a update it had reverted back to trial (WTH...who said anything about trial mode was the ticket even read?) that it was fixed and should work. Well tried it same thing occurred.So contacted the support person back stated no luck well 3 days later got a email stating that it has been solved and ticket close...WTH again!!?? So got the key I'm using right now and deactivated it and tried activating the key I was trying to add it to my account well it says key is blacklisted?!..why? Key came from malwarebyte support...so NOW another ticket opened. I have been a loyal user of Malwarebyte for years due to the great product and support..now I'm having to rethink about support.
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