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  1. No emails here anyway as it broke my Exchange box... now just got to fix that.
  2. Affrimative (sorry getting a timelimit on posts so having to wait to reply!)
  3. Just downloaded database update V12 and it seems to be working!!!!!!
  5. I would keep an eye on this forum them: You are probably affected more by the RAM. I dont recommend uninstalling as I did it on one server and it is still broken due to quarantined files pre uninstallation.
  6. When we right click on the icon we get the options see attached image.
  7. If you can get onto the servers then you should be able to manually disable Website Protection but if you have lots of servers this isn't really an option. I also found that auto quarantine is enabled on my MBAM policy so I think this is why some of my server services are not working even after disabling Website Protection, I think it has quarantined some files to do with services like Exchange. Contemplating restoring file system.
  8. That is my fix from post #9. I hope they are going to pay me for that!
  9. Just checked my MBAM console and the servers that I have manually turned off blocked sites are showing Online, however the others are showing Offline. My bets are that the clients wont be able to receive the update fix, probably going to be manual fix for any affected machines/servers.
  10. Not possible unless they are virtual and you can direct connect to the host.
  11. Almost as bad as that issue where it clashed with Microsoft's Endpoint Protection and made everything grind to a halt!
  12. We arent sure if updates from the MBAM server are going out as the problem seems to stop all traffic (ping, DNS, etc...). I am having to get onto each of my servers using vSphere client, luckily all of my clients are offline today.
  13. Database update version for me is v2018.01.27.03 if that helps at all for the devs.
  14. All our servers are down with this bad update. DNS down, Exchange down, etc... I was able to get a FIX! logging into the servers and turning off "Website Blocking" on Anti MAlware fixed DNS and remote connectivity and ping issues. However Exchange is still not working, I have uninstalled MBAM and still not working so appears it might have quarantined a service, exe or something and this is now borked. Looking at restoring my servers to before the update and leaving the MBAM server offline, and blocking the update source on the internet.
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