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  1. This from MWB. " However, you could actually use it on three PCs before any sort of limit was enforced. The idea was to give users some leeway and make it easier to transfer your license over when you got a new computer. Unfortunately, unauthorized resellers found out about the loophole and starting taking advantage of it by advertising that lifetime licenses were valid for up to three computers. " First of all, this is a crock. My license is and always has been for just ONE PC. I registered it on line, and it even says one available. When I got the email from them it said it was bought from a retailer I have never heard of. (It was actually bought from Newegg back in 2014.) I don't know what their scheme is, but if you bought it, albeit legitimitely from a reseller, or someone who was looking to sell their unused copy, then what is the issue? As long as it has nt been registered.
  2. Apparently, you giving it to a family member negates the warranty. I have the same issue. Bought mine from NewEgg back in 2014. Now says blacklisted. As a "token" of good faith, they sent me a one year license. Because they said I bought it from a Amazon third party seller. I think they're weeding out Lifetime" in hopes of people not having their proof of purchase. "If you have purchased Malwarebytes products from an unauthorized seller: We are not obligated to cover your purchased products under our warranty; We are not obligated to provide any support services for your product; We may not be able to help you if you have a problem with the unauthorized seller; We may not be able to determine whether these products are counterfeit, defective, otherwise compromised; and You may be in breach of our Software License Agreement."
  3. So. Both of my licenses I have had since 2014 have been blacklisted. Both were sealed product bought from NewEgg.with Lifetime warranty before their format changed. No issues for the past 5 years. My license is blacklisted, and I get this: " I understand you're having trouble with your license. I've reviewed your previous emails and see that the license was purchased through Amazon from AntiMalwareKing. Unfortunately, this isn't an authorized seller of Malwarebytes and lifetime licenses have never been sold by us on Amazon. I've provided a link below if you want to learn more about this. " WTF!!!
  4. Same thing happened to me after an update. System rebooted and the license was gone. Went to the website, deactivated, and then tried to reactivate. Said blacklisted. Even though my account said lifetime sub. Not sure what's going on.
  5. Have tried this, and it still will not turn on. Suggestions? Thanks.
  6. I'm having issues even installing it to Windows 10 Build 14971. It says that it is not compatible with this version of Windows.
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