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  1. At this location, we are not using a VPN, also no proxy. I just checked the DNS servers, and no malwarebytes agents on there. These are normal webpages; one example is http://esri.com
  2. Could we please go back to the original topic? Those who want/need to discuss phone number usage, please go somewhere else. This thread was for the handful of PCs with web filtering enabled, but malwarebytes blocks ALL web traffic, not just bad sites, all of them. And yes I believe this is still a problem.
  3. ^ This, so much this! When the "solution" is to disable part of the product, and support folks are unreachable? #Frustrating.
  4. Same issue here, even following uninstall/reinstall of malwarebytes: the sites are still giving errors and not displaying I know of two URLs that did not display, so I added them to the list of exclusions. That allowed the sites to work .. for one session. When I closed and reopened the browser, the sites give the error that Roryschmitz mentioned above.
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