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  1. Just got an update and it appears database files are no longer 0kb. Protection is enabled, and staying enabled. I did have to restart malwarebytes after the update though. Seems problem is fixed!
  2. Malwarebytes actually blocks the Ransomware breakout as well, it just doesn't report on it in the program itself (luckily, if it would prompt us with every outbreak online they are blocking, we would be recieving prompts every day and I would uninstall immediately). It did however tell us about this in their newsletter/mailing they did a couple of days ago. Blocking port 445 incoming is a good suggestion, but only if you block it on your modem/router, if you block it in windows firewall it can actually break file sharing on your computer as port 445 is the SMB port (SMB = Samba file sharing used for sharing files over the network). However blocking 445 on your modem alone won't stop the malware, as usually it gets distributes by another omcputer in the network where they for instance opened an infected mail attachement. So blocking ports shouldn't be the solution, Malwarebytes blocking it will be better.
  3. This problem has been going on since the first version of malwarebytes 3. It appeared to be working for a short while, but I've been having this problem on and off for months now. The issue also seems to move from one module to the next, I've had it with web protection, with ransomware protection and with exploit protection. With 3.0.6 it usually was exploit protection that I had to start manually, with 3.1 it appears to be web protection. It's about time malwarebytes starts digging deeper into this issue to see why it keeps popping back up. Edit: Seems the way the problem shows up is a little different in 3.1 though. Whereas in version 3.0.6 and before it would start with one of the protecion modules off, in 3.1 it starts with all modules on, but after a few seconds (for me at least ) both malware protection and web protection turn off. I can start malware protection manually, but web protection just stays on 'Starting...'
  4. @AdvancedSetupThe proxy was a test for one of my customers some time ago, but it was inactive, so shouldn't be an issue. I'll run a checkdisk later today (when I don't need my computer) and post the results. @dcollins Turning off rootkit scanning probably won't help as the issue seemed to be fixed by doing a reboot. Also before it never gave me an issue. I do believe AdvancedSetup is on to something with the disk having an issue though. I did try your command though, it said: The system is in the Compact state. It will remain in this state unless an administrator changes it. I'm guessing that's the default state in Windows 10, as I've never changed it.
  5. It appears a reboot indeed fixed the issue. I attached the requested files. @dcollins I do have Rootkit scanning enabled, I have all modules enabled in fact. Addition.txt FRST.txt logs.zip MB-CheckResult.txt
  6. Followup: I clicked cancel, but an hour later it's still trying to scan the file. So it seems canceling isn't working either.
  7. This moring an automatic update started followed by a threat scan. This usually takes a couple of minutes to finish, but today the scan has been running for over 5 hours now and it still hasn't finished. It seems the scan is stuck on a .cab file (C:\ProgramData\Package Cache\{60D5EF2A-4E0C-2C30-38F6-59C26E134F4A}v8.59.25584\packages\Windows_SDK\58314d0646d7e1a25e97c902166c3155.cab) The .cab file is only 17MB so it shouldn't take this long to scan it. It seems something is keeping malwarebytes from correctly accessing or reading the file, but there also doesn't appear to be a timeout in malwarebytes, which makes it so it can't get stuck on a single file. A skip button would be nice as well, as all I can do now is pauze or cancel. Pauze is useless in this case, and cancel makes it so the rest of my computer doesn't get scanned. If you want I can add the file as an attachment so you can take a look at it.
  8. Having same issue, latest malwarebytes version, having a laptop with a touchscreen.
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