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  1. I had blue screen crashes starting three months ago, right after the Creators update of Windows. Forum assistance made all sorts of recommendations, most of which I tried and which did not work. I took it into the shop and paid a fair piece of change to diagnose. As their first step, they uninstalled MBytes and never saw a repetition of the problem. On returning it home, I re-installed MB. Within a day I had a black screen crash (computer becomes unresponsive). On re-starting, Malwarebytes failed to boot properly (several times) and finally locked up. It kept complaining about not being able to verify licensing. I uninstalled and re-installed. A likely place to start would be for MB to check its licensing function. If the software attempts to verify that it is the licensed rather than the free edition, and the license computer says bollocks,it wouldn't be surprising if that caused an internal conflict causing real-time protection to shut off or maybe worse. MB needs to take this problem seriously. It's obviously affecting a lot of users and it's causing problems of the kind that can seriously damage computers.
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