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  1. Maybe the person in question hasn't downloaded MBAM from an official/reputable source or he hasn't downloaded the same program at all.
  2. Indeed it is. There are plenty of very good products but not all of them are suitable in every situation. Online Armor is very powerful and rather easy to set-up and use but it's not that light for an older computer. For my PC (socket A with 1GB of RAM) for example it's not a very good choice in terms of system resources: ~30-50MB of memory and constant CPU usage (ContextSwitchDelta). Most PCs nowadays should be able to handle it without a problem but still there is a chance that the OP's PC is an older one and in that case Online Armor might not be the most optimal choice. I myself could go ahead and recommend Kerio Personal Firewall 2.1.5. It's VERY light (perhaps the lightest firewall out there), stable, efficient and free. It is however entirely rule based and therefore not that viable for any user that is not very familiar with protocols, ports and such. It's also very basic (it's a pure firewall), no HIPS, no other extras in it.
  3. It would be nice to mention how familiar you are with rules and creating them and what the hardware components are.
  4. The folder is \Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\Malwarebytes\Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware on your system drive, which is usually C:. The Application Data folder however is hidden. You can show the hidden files and folders: menu Tools -> Folder Options... -> View tab -> select Show hidden files and folders -> confirm by clicking OK. Or you can go directly to the desired folder by pasting the following in the address bar of any Windows Explorer window: %allusersprofile%\Application Data\Malwarebytes\Malwarebytes' Anti-MalwareAssuming you're running Windows XP. For Windows Vista the folder is \ProgramData\Malwarebytes\Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware, again, on your system drive. Pasting the same command in the address bar will work on Vista too.
  5. Here's my contribution... Since the list is a rather long one I'll skip the descriptions. I will also skip the already mentioned programs. Sorry if the programs don't fit the categories but it's kind of hard to categorize every program correctly. Haven't included include any security programs as the topic starter requested/suggested. Browsers Internet Explorer FTP Clients FileZilla Fresh FTP Core FTP LE Messengers ICQ QIP Trillian Miranda IM Google Talk Windows Live Messenger ooVoo Ventrilo Remote access/assistance RealVNC TightVNC UltraVNC TeamViewer Hamachi Download managers FlashGet Free Download Manager Internet Download Manager Download Accelerator Plus Web filters / other Proxomitron Codecs & Codec packs CoreWavPack/CoreFLAC/CoreAAC/CoreVorbis/RadLight MPC DirectShow Filter/RadLight APE DirectShow Filter AC3Filter x264 x264vfw HuffYUV MSU Screen Capture Lossless Codec MPEG-1/2 DirectShow Decoder Filter K-Lite Codec Pack Combined Community Codec Pack XP Codec Pack X Codec Pack Satsuki Decoder Pack ffdshow Haali Media Splitter Video/audio converters, rippers and other tools Any Video Converter Any Audio Converter MediaCoder SUPER
  6. I suggested that because I assumed we're talking about a home PC (a default assumption based on what the majority of discussions on this forum are about), and the OP never mentioned anything about a corporate environment as well, so I myself never considered this possibility. Still, I kind of doubt such a small alteration could be fatal even on a corporate/business system.
  7. Yes. On default settings that is. Once you grant the "user" group permissions to write to MBAM's account folder (\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\Malwarebytes\Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware), then the program updates just fine: Shot has been taken on a virtual machine.
  8. Performed another test First: uninstall, reboot, reinstall, no update, activate real time protection, reboot. Everything was fine. Then: update, reboot. False positives started again. Conclusion: something in the latest definitions (version 1469) is causing all this. Added: manual scan reports no problems/malware.
  9. I second that. Rebooted a few minutes ago and after the reboot MBAM went crazy and began detecting basically everything I started as a "Trojan.Vundo". Program version is 1.31 and definitions are the latest. Tried uninstalling MBAM, rebooting, cleaning the temporary folders and installing it again, but without avail. Right now it acts like a HIPS program. OS is Windows XP Professional SP3.
  10. Moi prefers Virtual PC. Anyway, I tested MBAM 1.31 (both quick and full scans) on Windows XP SP3 (on a virtual machine) and didn't encounter any freezes.
  11. Like I already said time is a limited resource, and keeping up with all the new malware requires quite some time, so it might not be enough to concentrate on the interface that much. It's about priorities I guess. Other anti-malware vendors obviously prefer to invest their time in the interface and looks of their products instead of the performance and efficiency. You can't have it all.
  12. Couldn't have put it better myself. Quite frankly it was the interface of MBAM that drew my attention in the first place - simple, intuitive and effective. I was getting sick of programs with interface like a Las Vegas street - bright and shiny buttons everywhere, animated icons/objects and all kinds of crap, so I basically melted at the sight of MBAM's interface. Of course that's me. Other people might find this interface a bit boring but if that's the price for effective malware detection and removal (since time is a limited resource and has to be distributed among each aspect of the program's development) then I would gladly pay it time and again.
  13. Used internal update and worked fine. No issues here. Ran a quick scan. No problems there as well. Also announced on our software portal.
  14. Uninstalled 1.28 and installed 1.29 (without rebooting inbetween) and everything is running just fine.
  15. Who knows what PC MBAM was tested on. I'm guessing it must have been rather old and crammed with software, since on my socket A PC a quick scan lasts under 2 minutes.
  16. Unfortunately I can't answer the other questions but I can answer this one. I have used MBAM with both NOD32 2.7 and 3.x and haven't had any issues whatsoever. Just my 2 cents.
  17. Congratulations on that! MBAM more than deserves that acknowledgement.
  18. I think it's because MBAM doesn't download increments to the already existing database, like other programs do, but downloads the entire database. So in this case a bit more accurate decription would be "updated database" instead of simply "updates".
  19. Manual download and installation over version 1.25. Everything is fine. And MBAM does indeed seem to getting faster and faster at scanning. It's so fast it's actually being a bit suspicious.
  20. I also never stated Avira is the biggest resource hog. I simply said it's not as light as many people claim it is. It is about average. Yes, I know ESET doesn't offer a free version but since no one said money would be an issue I mentioned NOD32. Maybe NOD32 v3 is the black sheep, I don't know, but I still find it generally better than v2. It still wasn't what I wanted it to be, but I found it OK nonetheless. I hade some problems with NOD32's stealth driver in some older v3 build but the bugs were fixed. I'm not an expert by any means, but from what I've seen on my system Avira simply detects more false positives - some packed executables and stuff. Both NOD32 and Avira detect mostly "potentially dangerous applications" that are not directly a threat at all, but Avira has a bit more FPs. Which made me uninstall my antivirus program (NOD32) and now I'm running without one. I may not be an expert but still I think I'm educated enough to protect my system without an antivirus. Why? Well, in recent years my antivirus software has never detected anything other than some potentially dangerous software and some FPs. I've never had a real threat. Why keep a program that consumes resources (even if it's not much) and does basically nothing? I'm experimenting with MBAM as my only realtime protection (apart from my firewall) to see how much of an impact it has on my system.
  21. Sorry to object but judging from my own experience Avira AntiVirs most definitely does not use "very little memory/resources". It's not a great resource hog like Norton but it's still not the lightest either. Around 70MB of Working Set and Private Bytes (according to Process Explorer) is not very little when compared to NOD32 for example, which in my honest opinion is the lightest antivirus software among those that are worth using. If users are not novices, a HIPS based program will add a great layer of protection. If users aren't very familiar with such security software, then maybe a behaviour blocker might prove useful. Just my 2 cents.
  22. The hell with them. If they do have an agenda there is nothing anyone can do to change their minds, so better just leave them be. If they don't have an agenda their opinions should be rather ignored. I mean who cares about the opinions of some lame newbie users who usually use at least one or two registry cleaners and/or "optimizitaion" programs like TuneUp, System Mechanic and other crap. Usually these kind of users tend to write comments on such web sites. Their opinions are simply not competent enough to be taken seriously anyway.
  23. Manual download and installation over version 1.24 without uninstall. Everything is OK. Log: I don't see the drastically imporoved scanning speed on my setup but I guess it's more situational. Anyway for me it was fine before, no complains there.
  24. Installation of 1.23 over the older one and a required reboot. Wow! This version shaved 1 min off the scanning time - from 3 minutes down to 2. Nice!
  25. You could try SetBrowser. It works flawlessly with Opera on my PC.
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