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  1. Feature request: Although too many notifications might hassle folks who are using Malwarebytes for free, I'd think it would be reasonable to show just a couple of reminders, for those people who forget to activate the premium version, or perhaps if they transfer to a new computer and forget (or don't know) to re-activate their license. I'd say Malwarebytes has a greater responsibility to those people who've paid for the premium version! Malwarebytes could also show a notification that had a "Don't remind me again" checkbox.
  2. P.S.: Does the license key transfer if you use Setup Assistant or Migration Assistant to transfer to a new computer?
  3. What happens if someone doesn't re-input their license key when transferring to a new device? Do they get a notification that Malwarebytes is not on the premium version? It would be easy for someone to forget or not know to do that, and then they would not be on the premium version -- they'd be unprotected and wouldn't realize it. Also, does Malwarebytes notify you if you have too many devices on your account? Thank you!
  4. Thank you so much! It's an honor to get a response from experts -- and from the developer himself!
  5. Thank you, good point. Would it be possible for Malwarebytes to know that someone has paid but not activated their license key, and then just send that person reminders?
  6. My family members have Malwarebytes for Mac, and my sister *thought* she had it and even paid to renew it, but it turns out she never activated the premium version so it was running the free version. Does Malwarebytes for Mac give notifications if you forget to input your license key and activate the premium version? If not, it would be easy to forget and think you'd taken care of it because you'd paid.
  7. The Rakuten credit card site is being blocked by Malwarebytes Browser Guard for Chrome, and I believe it's a false positive. The site is: rakutencreditcard.com
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