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  1. Thanks for testing this @alvarnell I've followed your suggestion and Docked the running Malwarebyte icon rather than the one from /Applications!
  2. I wonder if MB is using some sort of a non-standard app configuration. Typically we put an item in the dock by dragging it there from the /Applications folder. This is how we placed the Malawrebytes.app in the Dock initially. But when I use Control+Click 'Show in Finder' on the Dock item for the running Malwarebytes icon the Finder shows the path not as /Applications/Malwarebytes.app but as /Library/Application\ Support/Malwarebytes/MBAM/Engine.bundle/Contents/PlugIns/FrontendApplication.app So, in my screncaps from my original post - the left Malwarebytes icon leads to /Applications/Malawrebytes.app while the right (running) icon leads to /Library/Application\ Support/Malwarebytes/MBAM/Engine.bundle/Contents/PlugIns/FrontendApplication.app Is that consistent with what other macOS users are seeing when running Malwarebytes?
  3. We have Malwarebuyes.app in the macOS Dock. But, when we launch the app from the existing Dock item a new Dock item called "Malwarebytes" appears in right side of the Dock where unDocked items typically appear. Is this normal? Screencaps attached:
  4. Thanks @alvarnell ! I guess i didn't search well enough before posting.
  5. I recently noticed a process in Activity Viewer with the unusual name of: -i Thats the hyphen symbol and the letter 'eye.' It seems to have gone away after updating from Malwarebytes 3.5.27 to 3.6. This was on a 10.12.6 system. Just wondering if anyone knows what this is/was.
  6. The Release History page at : https://www.malwarebytes.com/support/releasehistory/ does not seem to be up to date.
  7. Earlier this week MBAM 1.2.6 notified us that version 1.3.0 was available. I don't see any mention of this on the website and the update notification doesn't come-up anymore on our other systems. Weird.
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