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  1. Malwarebytes Anti-Rootkit is over 4 years old now, yet it's still in the BETA version, why?
  2. There is a file called Movavi_Video_Editor_12_Crack_Activation_Key_Free_Download in my files for some reason. It pop-ups page "notblocked.biz" and i can't remove it. It's .iso and it's in F:
  3. Help! I have Wonderlands redirect (for the second time) and when i scanned my PC with malwarebytes, it didn't find it but it blocks the page
  4. But my mbam accound was cracked anyways. i was just testing bugs so i can tell malwarebytes what to fix
  5. Yesterday i bought premium version of malwarebytes and Today i updated version to 3.0.2 and messenge poped up saying: Your premium licence has ended. Also this new version uses 93,5% of RAM so my computer is now poopyspeed. Scaning is 6 or 7 hours long- for real. So please, do something about it. -Adam
  6. My malwarebytes wants me to update database but whan i click update, it says: Unable to access update server. Help me. Those "Update now" pop-ups are annoying...
  7. Hello, malwarebytes. I made my own anti-adware in Notepad but it can detect only one adware and when i try to make it detect more adware it breaks and it doesn't detect anything. I know that you made JRT in notepad(+). Could you tell me how to make it detect more? I would have appreciated if you would help me. Thanks
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