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  1. TGR /Brass Stacker, valid merchant site in business since 1989. I have purchased from them several times and have never had issues. Ordered from them last week, tried to log in to check order status and got blocked by Malwarebytes as a "Trojan." No other detail available or displayed. Text report: Malwarebytes www.malwarebytes.com -Log Details- Protection Event Date: 3/6/20 Protection Event Time: 5:16 AM Log File: 3f481cbc-5fa4-11ea-8840-f8b156e28068.json -Software Information- Version: Components Version: 1.0.835 Update Package Version: 1.0.20306 License: Premiu
  2. One more detail - version is: Malwarebytes Anti-Malware Home (Premium)
  3. For work, school and home I use a tool by EditorSoftware called StyleWriter. I have used this tool for the past several years (since Office 2007 days) with no issues - the latest update being Word 2016 /Office 365 compatibility. StyleWriter worked fine through October 28th, but as of this morning it is blocked by the "Anti-Exploit" function of Malwarebytes as an "Exploit payload macro process..." No logs or other trace files are generated and since the macro itself is updated by running the installer, StyleWriter has not changed since "last known working". With no logs foun
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