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  1. There isn't to be honest. Just wait for them to sort the problem and carry on using it
  2. Gotta remember that not everyone is tech savvy enough to know how to disable services etc... I think people have the right to be pissed that a bit of security software has gone rouge and started crashing their machines. These things should be tested in a sandbox environments before being pushed to millions of users. Malwarebytes deserve this backlash because it's downright unacceptable. I'm not gonna stop using them but people have the right to express how they're feeling...
  3. Cant get any malware if your PC is constantly crashing. Am i right? XD
  4. Give it a day or two for the team to fix this issue. I too have uninstalled for now. Shame because i actually paid for this software...
  5. Web protection is causing computers to crash right now. Best advice is to close malwarebytes and just be very careful on the internet.
  6. Happening to everyone mate, best advice right now is to just close malwarebytes and leave it closed until they fix it. Really annoyed that I basically paid to have them crash my PC.
  7. My advice is close malwarebytes. If you try to start up Real time protection it just eats up your RAM then crashes your PC.
  8. Not that easy with zippyshare. It has loads of different ip addresses and urls. for example you might get www7.zippyshare or www.89zippyshare this makes it hard to unblock all of them.
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