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  1. Hi Thank you for all your help. It's difficult to say since it's been an intermittent problem and pop up. Is there anything else I should download and run or any other scans I could do to confirm clean bill of health?
  2. Hi Please find the requested below and attached. Sophos Virus removal tool found 0 threats. Malwarebytes Anti-Malware www.malwarebytes.org Scan Date: 04/11/2016 Scan Time: 16:58 Logfile: Administrator: Yes Version: Malware Database: v2016.11.04.07 Rootkit Database: v2016.10.31.01 License: Free Malware Protection: Disabled Malicious Website Protection: Disabled Self-protection: Disabled OS: Windows 10 CPU: x64 File System: NTFS User: sirithaniel Scan Type: Threat Scan Result: Completed Objects Scanned: 314761 Time Elapsed: 7 min, 53 sec Memory: Enabled Startup: Enabled Filesystem: Enabled Archives: Enabled Rootkits: Enabled Heuristics: Enabled PUP: Enabled PUM: Enabled Processes: 0 (No malicious items detected) Modules: 0 (No malicious items detected) Registry Keys: 0 (No malicious items detected) Registry Values: 0 (No malicious items detected) Registry Data: 0 (No malicious items detected) Folders: 0 (No malicious items detected) Files: 0 (No malicious items detected) Physical Sectors: 0 (No malicious items detected) (end) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Junkware Removal Tool (JRT) by Malwarebytes Version: 8.0.9 (09.30.2016) Operating System: Windows 10 Home x64 Ran by sirithaniel (Administrator) on 04/11/2016 at 17:11:38.59 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ File System: 0 Registry: 1 Successfully deleted: HKCU\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run\\GoogleChromeAutoLaunch_088B416260B63BFD026E71F68B450A05 (Registry Value) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Scan was completed on 04/11/2016 at 17:12:27.59 End of JRT log ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Fixlog.txt
  3. Hi Changing the name worked thank you :-) logs now attached FRST.txt Addition.txt
  4. Hi for a few months now a message pops up on my computer 'Update Required Your version of Yahoo search is out of date. There is a newer and improved version available with the fresh and intuitive Chromium browser. By clicking "OK" you agree to Install Chromium browser as your default browser,install our Desktop search bar, set Yahoo provided search as your default search, homepage and new tab on all of your compatible browsers. ' I don't have Yahoo search so I'm assuming it's malware. There also isn't an X to close the window when it pops up so I usually right-click on it on the task bar and click close. I have tried running a Windows Defender full scan which finds nothing, I have tried running a Malwarebytes scan which finds nothing and I have tried running an AdwCleaner scan which finds things every time but the pop up still occurs even after it has removed whatever it has found. I haven't downloaded or installed anything new or suspicious looking so I don't know how it got into my system. Once I have finished a scan I can't tell whether the malware removals have worked or not because the pop up occurs infrequently and randomly. What can I do? I downloaded the Farbar Recovery Scan Tool as instructed however when I run it it claims there's an update, it installs the update, says that it's ready to use, only to update again etc. this loops endlessly no matter what I do. I have to right click on it in the system tray and Exit to make it stop.
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