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  1. Thanks Ok, I'll just post here when laptop is up again. Later ckbeme
  2. dbreeze, I replied to u on Tue or Wed, I think - and and I don't see it here. I'm sure u have closed the topic - that's fine. But want u to know I did not just blow u off. My laptop has no power, so until i get word back from the tech svc, I won't know anything. It's warranty just ran out a month ago, ain't that the way it goes?! So, when/if I get it repaired, should I just start a new topic? Thanks, and sorry my earlier post didn't get to u. ckbeme
  3. Greetings all, I was hacked in July - they got my laptop first, it'w a wifi connection. My desktop was clean for a coulple of days. But apparently the hackers got in through the internet, so that means they knew my external IP address. So my desktop was hit too. Desktop is clean and I've been working on failed drives and my data being lost on that failed backup drive! I still have much to do, but I'd really like to look into getting my laptop cleaned. Thanks a lot. ckbeme
  4. sdpsenv.dat - This file is related to Opus? Well can I ask you this - does that mean the hackers infected that program? And can you tell me what the heck I can do to prevent another attack? After the July one, I changed and hid my SSID, changed passwords on wifi and router, changed my External IP address. I have ESET Smart Security w/Firewall, Windows Firewall, and my Netgear Router has firewall. I don't go to pirate sites, I don't use any social networks, I just don't believe this happened again. Do you know of anyway I can find out who (what IP address) hacked me? Or do you know o
  5. And that file C:\ProgramData\sdpsenv.dat that FRST found again on this go around - was an indicator that you probably have several severe, tough malware and trojans on your system. (so he said)
  6. Well, it's a bit early to say. I just got home and I just turned on my desktop. Did you find only minor issues? Because when I was hacked in July, the guy that helped me said I had a backdoor trojan. And he had me run several programs that created reports that he reviewed. And can you tell me what you found? Thanks
  7. Hi Twin, thanks for your quick response. I have * in both of my attached reports. I deleted the C:\ProgramData\sdpsenv.dat file that was found when I ran Frst.exe and I hope that doesn't screw you up. It was a knee jerk response, because I knew that file was on my PC before the cleanup in August. Promise I won't misbehave again. Addition.txt FRST.txt
  8. I was hacked in August 2016, got help from another forum and thought it cleaned desktop. When we thought my data was clean, AND Windows 10 Pro, I did 3 backups, formatted hard drive, and did clean Windows install. My backup drive failed, so I've spent the last 2 months trying to recover my data. That was ALL my important data. Recently I noticed my new USB wifi adapter showed Network Type: Access Point, and I said NO during setup to use it as access point. Don't know if that's why, but I ran First.exe today and found 2 of the same files that were in the First.txt and Addition.txt i
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