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  1. Is it possible to add an "add to blacklist" (+ if possible reporting) option for URLs and ip addresses instead of only having an "add to web exclusive" option. I was looking for this option after I started to get random redirects on websites (To be precise mostly on forums and recently sometimes 9gag, yet never on the websites that offer videos that showcase the performance of certain "activities", even the more shady ones). The redirects are almost certainly pure javascript based since: - Exhaustive scanning with antivirus and anti-malware tools only gives all clears - It is ONLY on those specific sites - Redirects are not instantaneous, they occur suddenly after 30 seconds to 5 minutes without the need to click on anything. However, sometimes they do not occur at all. - The go back button history is filled up with the malicious URL (thus rendering it useless to go back to the intended site) - The redirects keep quiet after an attempt but return after clearing history and cookies
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