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  1. Many thanks, Alvarnell. You've been extremely helpful, and I appreciate you taking the time.
  2. Is anyone able to spell out the feature differences between Malwarebytes and ClamXav. Specifically, what types of things each one scans for and protects against; what locations (drives, volumes, folders, etc) they scan; any user options and, most importantly, whether the two apps are compatible with each other and can run simultaneously and safely in the background. Thanks.
  3. After leaving it running since mentioning it in my last post, it was still hung at VSearch after almost 2.5 hours, so I just now force-quit it and then re-launched. It did not hang at VSearch this time. I'll see what happens later tonight. Thanks, Thomas.
  4. Thanks, Thomas. I'm running Malwarebytes Anti-Malware 1.2.4 on OS 10.8.5. I understand how the number of files to be scanned can make a difference in the scan time, but there was very little that changed on my computer since Tuesday, when the scan for VSearch took only seconds. Could something have changed significantly in the signatures that is causing the scan to run much longer? It's not the scan time alone that had me concerned: I just happened to visit a website on Wednesday that displayed a highly suspicious dialog box that clearly would've gotten me into trouble had I clicked
  5. Additionally, clicking Cancel does nothing. I have to Force Quit.
  6. I must also report that the scanning hangs at Adware.VSearch beginning after tonight's update (it worked fine yesterday). Please advise.
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