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  1. Thanks Paul, I'll keep an eye open for a cheap phone. Things have quieted down in the past month. I only got the 1 call on January 17 from the same guy who tried to get into my bank account. He was nice enough to identify himself!! I guess they got tired of me reporting them and their phone numbers because the number was hidden for that call. I was able to get info about calls to and from my phone through my service provider and for that call, the guy changed his number to appear as mine. Therefore the official phone record looks like I used my phone to dial my phone to have a conver
  2. Hi Paul, I did better than that. They called for 3 days trying to get me to log into my bank account. That gave me time to check out what they were telling me. During the actual scam attempt, I had them on the phone and computer for 4 consecutive hours as they transferred my call to the UK and back. They tried to do something very fast at one point but I shut the computer off and they got nothing. All my data was on disconnected external drives before I even picked up the phone. They were incredulous when they called back. The next day when they called yet again, they knew they had
  3. I agree with you Dave. I now check the number on my phone before answering or just let it ring. If it's someone checking to see if it is a working number they get no reply. If it is from a friend, they'll leave a message. Unfortunately I can't make the phone look totally unused because when I don't answer, the service still offers to take a message. The problem with simply changing the number is that I've had this number a long time and if I change it, I can't update all records. Fortunately the number of calls has lessened. They tend to come early in the month, sometimes in rapid succe
  4. Thanks Dave, #2. I haven't gotten any indication from any software that there was a keylogger installed. It was just a suspicion from something I read. #3. I have never given anyone any info allowing them to access my email. Besides, I change the long passwords more regularly and use multiple verification security. I guess the fact that they are still calling could mean they still don't have whatever they are looking for. #6. I only type my phone number online where required for certain forms, purchases, etc. or to give it to a friend or relative. If I change it, I'll be
  5. Thanks Paul, I am considering changing my number. I've already changed many other things. The most confusing was getting email double verification codes from the same number these guys have been calling me from since early October. That's a separate question.
  6. Thank you. I actually thought of the possibility you both mention, that they want me to think the verification code came from Yahoo. I even removed a sentence about this from my post because of one flaw I didn't think they could overcome and that is that the verification codes worked. How can they get into Yahoo's system and send me a valid verification code? Or could they be setting up my computer to accept whatever code they send? If it didn't work and I had trouble logging in I would suspect the number spoofing. I was called again yesterday and they are now hiding their numbers co
  7. This is so strange! Yahoo verification codes coming from SAME number as a known scammer calling me for 3 months!! On 10-5-16 I began to get calls from scammers saying they were working for tech support at a company called TechLiveConnect.com, which was just changed to PremiumTechSupport.com and I had a refund coming. I called the company I had done business with for info at 877-958-7560, but was transferred to the scammers IN MID CALL. Later, I got 4 calls from 408-610-4900, some seconds apart, from different live techs wanting to work on my computer all supposedly from Ava
  8. I don't have all the facts about what this lady saw. I don't know what kind of display or phone it was. She was foreign and the way she described what she saw coupled with my possible misunderstanding of her description resulted in my choice of words above. I think I'm going to go prepare a couple other questions for later submission. Thanks again.
  9. Thanks Dave, everything you said seems to be saying I appear to be safe (or should I qulaify that by saying 'relatively safe.') You're right about the TouTube videos, they were specifically made to show the 'bad guys' being caught in the act. I've heard that these guys can call a person and make the receiving phone display any number and location they want. An employee of my bank once thought she got a call from the FBI because of that. She said her phone displayed the FBI logo and number. I do believe my phone number is being circulated, but I wonder what they are up to by regularly
  10. Thank you for your answers Mr. Lipman, Follow up questions to your answers: 1 & 2. I have seen YouTube videos where someone will be communicating with a scammer on their computer and they call up a program that lets them see the IP address of the computer they're talking to, then other software tells them the location of the IP address. I was just thinking there might be software that could monitor internet traffic with my ISP and tell whether or not my IP address shows up. I read a little about changing the IP address of my computer or router, and I heard that if the route
  11. Hello, I'm relatively new here. I recently reported some info about a tech support scam in which the scammers were trying to get into my bank account. It's been a couple months since it happened and I've gotten 21 calls from several different people and phone numbers, all trying the same scam. As if I would change my mind and give them access. I've increased my security but I still have concerns. The scammers got nothing from me, and I lost nothing, so for one they might be trying something more devious to get back at me for wasting 3 days of their time. When they call they li
  12. Hello, this is my first post here. I would like to know how to report company names and phone numbers used by some hackers recently so they appear on the lists on the tech support page? It was unlike anything I'd heard of. I called a company I'd done business with for months to get some info about a suspicious call I'd gotten, and in mid call I got transferred to hackers in England than transferred back to a hacker in California. The company I called had no record of our 15 min conversation and my phone didn't register the 4 hours of talking to the hacker. it was as if the company was
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