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  1. @LiquidTension No the error does not seem to be consistent. I powered this PC up at 07:34 this morning and it had the error. Powered up at 11:06 to do as you requested and it didn't show the error. I installed the on all my three desktops and laptop yesterday. Desktop 3 and the laptop are fine. Desktops 1 and 2 show the error. I have run your request twice on both those PC's. C35_errors_test_sequence_report.docx EventLogsDesk1.zip mbst-grab-results-Desk1.zip C35_Errors.zip EventLogsDesk2.zip mbst-grab-results-Desk2.zip
  2. I had seen the new beta release but wasn't sure what release it was and had PM'd Erix for clarification. Then I saw Jekko's response in another post. Am now running on it. BTW if we're going to be pedantic---it should be " 1 zip too much " . ☺️
  3. @LiquidTension, Looks like my component package is now at 1.0.690. Must have updated just lately as it was at 1.0.682 in this morning's scan report.
  4. @LiquidTension, I'm seeing the error as well in that location throkr calls out----and I'm not doing Restores at the time. Currently on Win 10 1903 18362.387 and 4.02.41 1.0682 1.0.13531. Everything seems normal. Have also set Event Log on in MWB. mbst-grab-results.zip EventLogs.zip.zip
  5. No you're not losing your mind. I saw this a couple of times. It was while I was on the Free Version prior to activating my licence. I took it to be a plug for a Free User to upgrade to Premium. Since this is a beta and they might be using a different name when it goes live, they are using Wossname as a placeholder.
  6. Update. On Saturday 14th. Sept. I removed 4.0.1 and reverted to 3.8.3 as I wasn't sure what would happen in the meantime if I received Windows Updates and they got screwed up because of the restart problem. Ran like that until the 20th.---no problems. On Friday the 20th. a new version was shared in private and that fixed the problem. Still running on it and restarted numerous times.
  7. Hi @LiquidTension Thanks for the update, appreciated.
  8. @LiquidTension Hello, I had a problem this morning when I powered up. Forced a Dump. PC came up after it had created the dump file. No problems since and have used the PC for the last three and a half hours. 14th_September.docx mbst-grab-results.zip
  9. @LiquidTension Hello, have done as requested (hopefully) and results are attached. 12th_September.docx mbst-grab-results.zip
  10. @LiquidTension Restored back to normal. Updated Windows and did an "Update & Shutdown" as opposed to a Restart, Came up and now at 18352.356. Set MP ON. Powered off and then on. Came up fine. Did a further two and no problems. Did a Restart and the problem is there. Reset and it came up. Did a further two PD/PU's and they were fine. So it definitely looks like a Restart is what screws it up-----only on 4.0.1! Will do further checks tomorrow as time is getting on. Didn't bother running the tool for the logs as the previous entry logs should have the data.
  11. @LiquidTension I think I hit a wrong key!! Anyway I think I have found what my problem is. Yesterday I tried removing startup items to see if they were the culprit but at one stage I couldn't set MP ON. Could reset the others and set them back on. Could change various options but got an error when I tried to scan. At that stage I took an image after running the logs so that I could return there later. Tonight, I restored back to it. I then did a Clean with the tool and 3.8.3 got loaded. Had to activate my licence but that went o.k. Adjusted my scan schedule time and ran a scan. Then I updated to 4.0.1. and changed the language to U.K. Also set Event Log. Ran a scan. AOK. Then I removed some more Startup items but the problem persisted. Looking at my notes, I noticed that a couple of times after a Power Down the PC came back up o.k. It was only after a restart that it had the problem that needed a reset before it came up. Now 3.8.3 worked fine like that, MWB doesn't seem to like a restart---at least on this machine. I have done a sequence of Pwr/Down then up four times with success. I then did a Restart and it needed a reset to come up. After it came up, I then did a further 3 Pwr/Down then up ---all successful. I'll run the log in case it helps before I restore back to my setup at 18:00. Will attach the logs for Sept. 10th in case you want to see why I couldn't set MP. (Windows has obviously been installing updates while I've been playing with this as it just threw a notification out about a restart which I will ignore.) Fast Startup is currently ON but it was happening with it off as well. Also I knocked off the Delay Real Protection and it worked fine. Right that's me, am going to restore back. mbst-grab-results_10th_Sept.zip Files.zip mbst-grab-results.zip
  12. @LiquidTension Hello,well I tried it several times and it started to come up but then the mouse froze! On one occasion I left it sitting there and suddenly it burst into life. Icons I had clicked on earlier fired up. The time lag was in minutes!! I had set the delay at various settings but was currently at 60 secs. Using my phone, I had started a video when I hit the Enter key. This was at 20:26. I was double-clicking the following icons after the Protection had come on and obviously before the mouse freezing:- CCleaner, Nextbase and Procexp64. You'll see from the video up until the mouse froze. The picture after that was the jobs now fired up. I took another video at 21:40 with the delay at 30 seconds. Came up and eventually the Protection was enabled. I then clicked on the same icons as before, None of them fired up and at 1 min 54 secs. into the video, the freeze occurs. Left it. At approximately 4 mins. 18 secs. into the video it all comes good. Am attaching the logs and will PM you a link to the videos. In the videos, I kept going to the MWB icon and you'll see it going from "Protection Disabled" to Enabled. Once it's up I don't have any problems--so far. mbst-grab-results.zip
  13. @LiquidTension Hello, I tried rolling PC back to the 14th. August and then installed the beta. No good -still fails. Ran the Support Tool for the logs in case they help. Am now restored back to today. mbst-grab-results.zip MWB_Problem_8th_September.zip
  14. @LiquidTension MWB 3.8.3 works fine. Problem still there with MWB4. Logs attached. mbst-grab-results.zip MWB Problem 6th September_Part_2.docx
  15. @LiquidTension Apologies for the delay in getting back to you. With the Clean Boot I had varied results. Hopefully I have covered what I have done----and intend to do, in the attached. 4th_September.zip 5th_Sept.zip 6th_Sept.zip
  16. @LiquidTension All protections are ON. I set the Clean Boot for ONLY Malwarebytes Service and restarted the PC. It came up. Tried again and added Macrium Service. With the two selected it still came up. Will try a few others.
  17. @LiquidTension PM sent with link.
  18. Have done as requested and files are attached. As a matter of interest, on the 24th. August I installed MWB On the 27th. August I updated Macrium Reflect from 7.2.4235 to 7.2.4440. I can't say for definite when my problem arose but all machines are on these same levels. Only this one is exhibiting the problem but it is the one I use most. Anyway, I will now try a Clean Boot and report back. Seems there is a limit for uploading a file. Will need to create a shared folder either using OneDrive or BT Cloud. Will PM you the link for the Proc Mon Zip file. Troubleshooting sequence.docx EventLogs.zip.zip mbst-grab-results.zip
  19. Tried earlier to find the module but was getting varied results---losing internet, hanging etc. Anyway had a fresh attempt at 19:00 Looks like it is the Malware Protection module that is causing the problem. I have attached my findings in the attached zip file. Hope it makes sense!! Have left the Malware Protection module OFF for the time being. RTL_MWB_Problem.zip
  20. Fast Startup is still off. I had an appointment earlier and had to go out. When I powered up the PC on my return at 12:44, I couldn't enter my PIN. I reset the PC and it came up as usual. Then I got the email to say you had responded. Did as you requested and after disabling MB4 I rebooted the PC. Came up right away. Attaching the bootlog file. ntbtlog_1339.txt
  21. Have been having problems with my main PC when powering on. After I enter my PIN, it sits at the Welcome Screen with the "5 spinning dots". I then press reset and it boots up and runs with no problems. I had noticed at least on two occasions that the system time was wrong in the tray and corrected it. Date was fine and no other BIOS settings were being lost or altered. Yesterday I replaced the motherboard battery--old one was 2.58V. Problem still exists. Didn't expect that to fix it but eliminated it anyway. I then set the boot log option. I booted the PC at 18:54, waited and then reset. It now came up O.K. Looking at the log it showed the last entry as being:- \??\C:\WINDOWS\system32\DRIVERS\mbam.sys. I then used the PC with no problems. I also set the "Enhanced Event Log Data" in MWB before powering off. Today, I powered up at 07:34. I left it for 1 minute before I pressed the reset. It came up O.K. after that and I am currently using it. Have run the Support Tool to gather the logs and am also attaching the bootlog file. Before I try other things, my next step would be to revert to MWB 3.8.3 but will hold fast until I hear back from you. My other two desktops and laptop are fine. One desktop and laptop are connected via the same Netgear Gigabit Switch to the Router as this PC. Am also currently running this PC with Fast Startup off. The problem existed with it on but I'm getting lots of Windows being not shut down properly and wanted to see if that was fixed by the option being off. mbst-grab-results.zip ntbtlog.txt
  22. File sent---once I found out how to do a Private Message!! Thanks.
  23. Hello @nikhils I sent the FP file report with the initial post. It is below the screenshot. Is it no good? As I mentioned as well, I deleted the quarantined entry and reinstalled Belarc after seeing the reply from digmorcrusher and it now runs o.k. on this PC. After that, I ran Belarc on my other desktop and laptop to make sure it worked. I then installed the beta 4.0.1 on both and Belarc still ran o.k.
  24. Thanks for the info. I last ran Belarc to my four PC's on the 22nd. August with no problems. I installed the MWB beta on this PC on the 24th. and had the problem. This morning, I ran Belarc on another PC to make sure it ran. I then installed the 4.0.1 beta and Belarc still ran. So back to this PC where I uninstalled/reinstalled Belarc. Deleted the quarantined entry and ran Belarc successfully. Thanks again.
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