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  1. Same thing detected for me too, but I see you've already reported it @skoivan so that's awesome to see the MBAM team is already on the case. :)
  2. I experienced the same crash issues as @vladquintero with the official ADWCleaner release. Tried the unsigned version you linked above and it also runs fine for me, so I'm guessing it'll be fixed in the next official version. If it helps, I am running Windows 10 Home 1703 (64-bit) Insider Build 16241.1001 on my Dell XPS 15 9560 laptop.
  3. Great to hear! Coincidentally, as I write this, the other 2 workstations at the same business also nuked their Dropbox.exe files from orbit. le sigh I guess that's why they pay me the big buck. <INSERT CANNED LAUGHTER> Anyway, I'll manually update all the MBAM clients, and add Dropbox.exe to the exclusion list so this can't ever happen again.
  4. I've attached the MBAMService.log file from the affected computer as requested. To clarify, I was moving things in a folder in my DropBox on my computer, which is a folder I share with other users in the office. This detection occurred on one of the workstations at the office running their own company DropBox account that has access to my shared folder. I don't know if their installation of MBAM was up-to-date or installed properly when this detection occurred, since they had another "computer expert" come in to fix some things while I was away over the weekend. le sigh When I checked their programs in appwiz.cpl, a lot of programs had different install dates than when I had installed them, including MBAM, so hopefully this computer guy didn't break things and I'm not wasting anyone's time with this issue. MBAMSERVICE.LOG MBAMSERVICE.LOG.zip
  5. I just had MBAM Premium detect a DropBox Windows HKLM Registry Key as Ransomware. I was moving files around inside my DropBox folder when this happened, so MBAM probably picked up on the DropBox.exe process "modifying" (AKA Syncing) these files to the cloud en masse, killed the process, and blocked it from executing. I'd like to first say amazing job at blocking Ransomware in its' tracks - um... if it was actually Ransomware. Malwarebytes version: Component package version: 1.0.103 Update package version: 1.0.1763 No big deal, as I'll just reinstall DropBox and start its' sync process again, and probably whitelist it in MBAM, but I thought I's share in case this has happened to anyone else.
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