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  1. I went through and deleted the three or four pages and they were still removed after a reboot. Thank you so much for all the help and advice you've given me. It's a relief to know I was just overreacting. I guess it's time to start looking into new fans.
  2. Here are the results of the scan. I made sure not to remove anything yet. A lot of it looks pretty familiar too.
  3. Here's the log attached. I looked through it and the pecs and colorado folder are familiar. Before the fan noise started I had manually removed these two and the .exe's that were contained in them. They were a bit of a hassle since they were constantly running. Was removing them myself my big problem?
  4. Came back with nothing by the looks of it. Fan still makes loud whirring sound at random times, but they all seem to be while I'm connected to the internet. When I disable my internet connection on startup the noise does not appear until I connect again. Here is the search logs.
  5. Here is my log from after the ESET scan. I have used CheatEngine in the past often and have noticed a few false positives on it before.
  6. I have pasted the results in the following spoiler. It came back with no threats identified, but I'm still getting abnormal noises from my computer at random moments.
  7. Hello! A couple of days ago I noticed a fan on my motherboard spinning up at extremely high speeds. I believe it is the Northbridge fan. It's the kind of sound that something is clearly overrunning/overworking it. Also when I open up Task Manager I notice a huge spike to 100% of CPU at opening but it immediately drops off. I've heard of Trojans that do this and that goes well with my theory of something being overworked to cause the fan to run so fast. Or maybe it's just time to replace the fan.... I've followed this post I found on the forums but the problem still seems to be there.
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