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  1. Great. Now the first PC is back no longer being able to access the full network unless MBAM is disabled which means your beta fix in fact fixed NOTHING and now you want me to further waste my time with a remove and reinstall??? GFY. Asking paying customers to do your job for you is ridiculous. This POS update should NEVER have been released. Time to dump Malwarebytes and go with one of your numerous and better rated competitors
  2. The beta update only resolved the network issue on one of my Windows 10 Pro machines. The other PC still has no access to other networked devices so long as MBAB is running 🤬
  3. Nope. I just now installed the latest updates and my issue remains unresolved.
  4. Why haven't these screenshots been updated to reflect the new UI?
  5. That's more than a bit vague. What is the "Malwarebytes Support Tool" and where does one find it?
  6. It seems an update to MBAM (sometime in the last week or two) has effectively disabled both Network Discovery and File and Printer Sharing in Windows 10. That is, even with those features enabled they are non-functional. I have two nearly identical PCs (both running Windows 10 Pro and both running Malwarebytes) on a home network that is shared with a NAS and various other devices. After years of trouble-free networking I discovered that when I open File Explorer on either machine I was suddenly unable to see any other devices on the network. After hours of failed troubleshooting I finally called Microsoft Tech Support and allowed them to connect to one of my PCs remotely. After a very frustrating hour they asked if I would disable my antivirus software so they could perform further testing. Within seconds of turning off Malwarebytes all my missing devices became visible in File Explorer! My other PCs, the NAS, the home theater - everything. And when I re-opened MBAM they all disappeared again. Unfortunately, I can find no option in the Malwarebytes setup to account for this nor could I find any documentation here or elsewhere to explain what's happening which begs the question: Is this a bug?
  7. Hi, I'm a long-time shopper at http://alofthobbies.com and suddenly MAM Pro has started blocking my access to their website (please see attached screenshot.) This has been going on for a week or more and a cursory web search hasn't provided any information as to what's going on. My question is: Is it safe to put their website on MAM's Web Exclusions list? Thanks!
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