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  1. Hello, @Hijin25 It's related to the cryptographic network component. I see a few causes possible, including: - a security software is playing nasty and causing AdwCleaner to throw this (recoverable) error, - An exception occurred during one of the network operations due to a missing component something else harmless In both cases, it's not really critical. Best regards,
  2. Hello, @heyou You can proceed as Ried said. Regarding the crash, it's fixed in the upcoming major 7.1 - sorry that it happened.. Best regards,
  3. AdwCleaner is available! This version mainly brings new generic detections, fix annoying FPs and improve browsers cleaning. It can be considered as a maintenance release done in parallel of all the work achieved for the upcoming and promising 7.1 - more about it very soon. As usual, please contact us for any requests! Please see all the changes below: # v7.0.4.0 [2017-10-27] ## Bugfixes - Fix BitDefender False Positive ## Changes - Update MyWebSearch detections - Update Pokki detections - Update SmartSystemCare detections - Update EasyPCOptimizer detections - Update Browser Module - Update libsodium to 1.0.15 - Database 2017.10.27.2 Download it here!
  4. Hello, In addition to Ried's message above, the PE support is something that we consider with the coming 7.1.
  5. Cannot get AdwCleaner to clean

    Thanks. Yes I'll keep you posted. Feel also free to even PM me directly if you need anything (feature, support).
  6. Cannot get AdwCleaner to clean

    Hello, The 7.1 in development has all stability issues fixed. I acknowledge the issues with 7.0 and has been working on it since even though those do not happen to the vast majority of the users. More about it in a few weeks.
  7. Cannot get AdwCleaner to clean

    Hello, Those stability issues are fixed in the 7.1 still in development. You can keep using MB premium which will mitigate the risk with the remaining elements and clean once the 7.1 is released.
  8. Adware hangs up

    Hello, Can you share the scan logfile?
  9. False Positive Bitdefender AV 2018

    Hello, Sorry for that. It's fixed in the coming version and 7.1.
  10. Yes, due to an external issue the check through this menu detects an update. It's being fixed by tomorrow morning. As long as you don't get a prompt at the beginning of the scan you're fine.
  11. Hello, It's definitively fixed through the, so you may want to accept the update once and it will be ok afterwards. Sorry again,
  12. Hello, I'm working on it, very sorry for that.
  13. Info Update 7.0.3

    Hello, Sorry for that, it's fixed and the prompt is displayed again.
  14. @circe801 Indeed, it's being fixed in the coming definitions update.