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  1. @DarthVitrial 👍 Thanks for the feedback!
  2. Hello, @Declan Can you share the logfile `C:\AdwCleaner\Logs\AdwCleaner_Debug.log` please? Thanks,
  3. Hello, Can you share the file `C:\AdwCleaner\Logs\Debug.log`? Thanks,
  4. Hello, I completely agree (at least for the CLI, the scheduling may be best implemented using Windows capabilities directly). Overall we are working on what's next for AdwCleaner but its standalone nature is here to stay so new features will continue to be implemented for it. Any other positive/negative feedback about the specific email flow? Keep going! 👍
  5. @1PW Thanks for the help! Nothing specific more than what you just did. Please share any negative (or positive) feedbacks!
  6. Hello, Exactly, in order to minimize the disruption, we only show the test once per user. So if you have participated once on a specific machine you won't see it anymore. Thanks for this feedback! This is exactly what we're interested to get. Please keep them flowing in so that the right decision will be taken.
  7. Hello, A specific AdwCleaner build is going to be put online for a brief moment with a specific onboarding flow that is not what AdwCleaner users have been familiar with in the past. Rather than doing that without explanation, I wanted to openly share a few explanations and to keep this thread open to gather your input for this test with your feedbacks (either goods or bad!). This is a test about an email-based onboarding. I want to emphasize that is is not a test for any future version of AdwCleaner. This is not something AdwCleaner's team has been considering to do during all those years and this is not changing today. This is a test for another upcoming Malwarebytes product, and your feedbacks will provide valuable guidance for the team in charge to take a decision. To emphasize again: AdwCleaner is just here used as a mean to drive this test, it is not the final target. This test provides three different flows when starting AdwCleaner: No change, same than always. Email required in order to use the software (here AdwCleaner), Email optional in order to use the software (here AdwCleaner). This test also doesn't collect any email address. Even if you enter yours, we don't send it anywhere. It isn't used, despite what is shown on the tests screens. We simply gather whether or not a valid email was entered, we don't collect the actual email. This test will go live for between 5k to 10k users depending on the feedbacks, and then will be disabled and the normal AdwCleaner will resume. I hope this provides some transparent explanations in advance for this upcoming test. Please let us know for all feedbacks and questions you may have regarding this initiative. Thanks,
  8. Hello, AdwCleaner 7.4.1 is now available! After the major 7.4 release, this versions brings numerous stability enhancements in various areas of the UI and the Engine. We also included a new setting (off by default) that allows to automatically reboot the computer without having to confirm the reboot notification, making the cleaning process even more straightforward. As usual, the update is applied automatically for existing users, and the manual download is available on the download page! The whole changelog is available below: ## v7.4.1 [02/09/2019] ### New Features - Display a dedicated count for Preinstalled Software and PUPs during the scan progress - Display Preinstalled Software details in the scan results and logfile - Add a new setting to automatically reboot the computer ### Changes - Force enable the debug logfile generation temporarily - Update definitions to 2019.08.27.1 - Update translations. ### Bugfixes - Improve quarantine reliability - Allow MB3 in-app installation on Windows Vista - Freeze during cleaning no longer occurs - Improve MB3 in-app installer
  9. Hello, @JhonDS : I am very sorry to read this, this is not what we aim to achieve. The issues you have been facing are fixed in the 7.4.1 beta I linked to earlier, so I sincerely hope you will give a second chance to AdwCleaner and continue to use it in the future. We are available for any assistance you may need. Best regards,
  10. Hello, Also, note that this issue has been fixed in the upcoming 7.4.1. You may want to give it a try to confirm the patch. Regards,
  11. Hello, Thanks both. @oatusc80 Would you be able to try the 7.4.1 beta that is suppose to fix this issue? Also, please upload the .pml file on https://up2sha.re and share the generated link. Regards,
  12. Ok, thank you! Is it possible to upload the large AdwCleanerOLD folder to https://up2sha.re/ and share the generated link too?
  13. Thanks! Note that the beta 7.4.1 still displays the old version number in the UI, but it's expected.
  14. Hello, Can you try with the 7.4.1 beta please? Then share the whole C:\AdwCleaner folder again. Regards,
  15. Ok.. If that happens again, can you share the folder as explained above? This would be super helpful for us to track down the issue and identify the cause. Regards,
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