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  1. Hello, Thank you. Can you retry now? It should be ok.
  2. Hello, Can you share the whole logfile please? Thanks,
  3. Hello, During the cleaning process, AdwCleaner might need to kill some processes in order to clean the system, that's what is happening here.
  4. Hello, Yes, the next major release (7.0) is in progress (actively). We'll be able to share to a few testers the current work - check your PMs tomorrow
  5. Hello, Can you regenerate a fresh FRST log? Download FRST Right-click on the file -> "Execute as Administrator" Please also check Shortcut.txt Click on the "Scan" button The logfile is saved as FRST.txt , and additional informations are in Addition.txt. Please host them on Up2Share and share the generated link. Thanks,
  6. Hello, Hm, it's strange. Can you share me the Malwarebytes 3 logfile: Thanks,
  7. Hello, Thanks, I've read your topic. Can you reboot in SafeMode, and retry (a Scan followed by a Clean) from this? Thanks,
  8. @LinCeX If you remove it via the installer, I encourage you to scan with Malwarebytes afterwards to check.
  9. Hello, It has been fixed a few hours ago, sorry for the detection.
  10. Hello, Please relaunch AdwCleaner, it was an issue on my side. Thanks,
  11. Hello, This URL has been found enforced as homepage and related to PUPs, that's why it's detected. Regards,
  12. Hello, The detection shouldn't occur anymore, can you confirm?
  13. Bonjour! It's strange - I do not reproduce it. I've made a few changes though, can you launch AdwCleaner, go to Tools > Options. On the "mode" section, click on "Debug" and validate. Then, do a scan and share the logfile in C:\AdwCleaner\AdwCleaner_Debug.log. Thanks!
  14. Hello, Can you relaunch AdwCleaner, do a scan and tell me what happens (be sure you have an active network connection) AdwCleaner stays an independent tool with its specifics detections, from which MB learn about progressively. Best regards,
  15. Hello, Double post with this one.