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  1. Hello, Can you retry both in SafeMode? Thanks,
  2. Hello, If you've properly reset the Chrome synchronization with the link above, the sync data should be cleared so you can re-enable it safely.
  3. Hello, Can you try to reset Chrome synchronization: Then, retry with AdwCleaner? Thanks,
  4. Hello, It seems ok!
  5. Hello, I agree to what has been said above - you can run AdwCleaner and other Malwarebytes products in parallel without issue. AdwCleaner is free and doesn't require a license. Running it each night on the same computer is quite useless - at most once a week or so is fine.
  6. Hello, In addition to @celee post: AdwCleaner doesn't protect like MB does, it only remediates. Still, I'd like to know which threats have been missed if you want to help. Thanks!
  7. Hello, Can you share AdwCleaner logfile? You can find it in C:\AdwCleaner\. Thanks,
  8. Hello, Can you share the whole logfile please? Thanks,
  9. Hello, It's fixed, sorry for that!
  10. Hello, Can you share AdwCleaner logfile? Usually from C:\AdwCleaner\AdwCleaner[Cxx].txt Also, have you rebooted another time? Thanks,
  11. Hello, Great, thank you for letting me know!
  12. Hello, Great, thanks for letting us know. Yes, Aura is still on this thread and will help you for the next steps
  13. Hello, It should still work though, can you try in safe-mode?
  14. Hello, Despite being similar, they serve different purposes with different ways to use them, that's why they still exist as separate tools. Can you share Malwarebytes and/or AdwCleaner logfiles showing this detection? Thanks,
  15. Hello, Sorry for the delay, AdwCleaner v7 is taking a lot of time currently. So the only way for you to avoid SWDUMon to reappear is to uninstall AVG Driver Updater from your computer. AVG Driver Updater is a rebranded version of a Slimware product which is known to behave like a PUP and trigger our detections. Best regards,