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  1. Hello, It was an inactive rule. You can restore it if you want, but it's not in used and aren't required for you computer to work properly.
  2. Great, thank for the confirmation. We needed to narrow down the detection, but there's no worries to have about it. Feel free to reach me back if you have troubles.
  3. Hello, @Mumio It's still the old database, you should get the updated one if you have a working network connection. Can you check again?
  4. Hello, The database isn't the last one that includes the fix. Can you retry with a working network connection? Thanks,
  5. fr33tux

    How to export current settings?

    Hello, Sorry for the delay. We're working on fixing this behavior in an upcoming release.
  6. fr33tux

    False Positive: DhcpNameServer

    Hello, It's fixed in 2018.06.15.3 and above. Sorry for the issue,
  7. Hello, Please refer to my reply here: Thanks,
  8. Hello, Thanks all! Can you confirm me that the issue is gone with `2018.06.15.1`? (it should be used automatically when you start scanning with AdwCleaner). Thanks, and sorry for the issue. Please keep me posted if you have any question.
  9. Can you share me the whole AdwCleaner logfile showing this detection? (from C:\AdwCleaner\Logs). Thanks,
  10. If you could share the whole logfile too it would be useful too. Thanks!
  11. Hello, Sorry for the delay. We're investigating why this is occurring and I'll get back to you very soon. You can ignore or let this detection in quarantine until then.
  12. fr33tux

    adwcleaner COMMANDS

    Hello, How often do you want to run AdwCleaner as a silent task?
  13. fr33tux

    How to export current settings?

    Hello, If you copy the AdwCleaner folder (usually `C:\AdwCleaner`) to near AdwCleaner.exe is, it should pick up the same settings. We made it this way to be able to run AdwCleaner from an USB stick across multiple computers with the same settings.

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