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  1. ADW vs MBAM

    Hello, It's not AdwCleaner is a portable scanner/remediation tool which doesn't need to be installed on the system. It's one self-contained and low on resources executable (whereas MBAM requires to be installed and is a more heavy). It's also more focused on PUP/Adware/Toolbars and related infections, thus it's able to scan and remove them faster than MBAM which is able to catch more threats and not only toolbars/adware/... . So it really depends on your needs here, but both are complementary and a lot of people are doing that. Regards,
  2. Question about FF extension

    Thanks, working on it (maybe not for the next week, but for the 7.1 a soon after).
  3. options

    Bonjour, Non, les reglages par defaut sont suffisants dans la majorite des cas. Les autres reglages peuvent servir pour remedier a certaines situations un peu plus particulieres. Cordialement,
  4. Question about FF extension

    Hello, Thanks! Can you share the link to your topic?
  5. Hello, It's actually a feature If you launch AdwCleaner, click on Tools > Options you'll see a list of additional actions you can apply during the cleaning process. Hence even if the scan doesn't list anything malicious you may still want to apply those additional actions. Regards,
  6. can I scan USB memory stick with Adwcleaner?

    Or Malwarebytes
  7. can I scan USB memory stick with Adwcleaner?

    Hello, I'm not aware of any PUPs which infect USB drives, so AdwCleaner doesn't scan them. If you have some data saying the opposite I'll be happy to change that!
  8. Adw Cleaner

    Hello, No worries Please refer to this post to know why Advanced System Care 10 is detected:
  9. Exception

    Thanks. I'm working on the v7.1 which aims to fix these issues, I'll let you know as soon as possible.
  10. Hello, Oh, got it. So yes, it's a PUP/PUA.
  11. Hello, Can you reformulate the question please?