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  1. Sorry, logfiles from AdwCleaner. Thanks,
  2. Hello, Can you share the whole logfiles please? Thanks,
  3. Hello, Yes they are by default Thanks for the feedback,
  4. Hello, Sorry for the delay. The command-line feature has been removed from the 7.x serie. However we're working on adding this remote management feature, we hope to ship it soon (but no precise ETA yet unfortunately).
  5. Hello, Sorry for that - It's indeed removed from the current definitions. Regards,
  6. Hello, This is removed from the current definitions update. Regards,
  7. Hello, This is fixed for now - the permanent fix is coming shortly. Very sorry for the interruption..
  8. Yes, please do a new one now - the definitions have been updated.
  9. 1. You're right 2. Yes, but in the vast majority of cases this is not required. Regards,
  10. Hello, Can you update to the 7.3 and do a scan again please?
  11. Hello, This release time-frame took more than two months in the making, but we're happy to finally release the next major branch of AdwCleaner, the 7.3 series. This 7.3 serie will focus on detection and stability and should be quickly replaced by the next major serie that will bring a major new feature... But more about that very soon! We focused on improving the internal detection engine to make it more efficient and flexible. It will allow to reduce the amount of FPs significantly and to react faster to them, in addition to catch more threats quickly. We've also fixed several UX glitches and various minor bugs. The changelog for this version is available below: ## v7.3 [13/03/2019] ### New Features - Redesign Generic detections from scratch to allow more flexibility and FP-control, - Enhance Winlogon changes detection ### Changes - Definitions 2019.04.03.1 - Sort logfile output by family name and paths - Update HSTS policy for network connections - Improved debug logging ### Bugfixes - Make the uninstall process more robust - Empty exclusions are no longer valid - Update generic detections - Update OpenSSL As always, you can get AdwCleaner on the product page: https://www.malwarebytes.com/adwcleaner
  12. Hello, The in-app documentation will be shipped very shortly. In the meantime, the documentation explains what each additional action (= basic repair item) does: https://www.malwarebytes.com/pdf/guides/Malwarebytes-AdwCleaner-User-Guide.pdf However you're right, it doesn't explain when to use it or not. The idea is that basic repair contains fixes for various parts that are usually changed by infections and that may need to be reset, restored, changed, ... in order to fully fix the computer in addition to the AdwCleaner's cleaning process. If your computer looks fine after a cleaning, you're fine without using it. If you still see issues, then you might want to use it, the risk of breaking something is very low so you're safe. Best regards,
  13. Hello, I've pushed an update to make this detection more precise. In the meantime, please add this to the exclusions as @exile360 explained earlier. Sorry for the issue,
  14. Effectivement, la rapidité d'analyse a été grandement amérliorée et la majorité des analyses dure désormais autour des 10 secondes. C'est un problème corrigé dans la 7.3 qui sortira ces prochains jours effectivement.. Merci pour le retour,
  15. Bonjour, Le compteur affiche ne représente pas le nombre de fichiers scannés,il se base sur d'autres éléments qui chacun peut représenter plusieurs dizaines, centaines, milliers d'objets scannés (que ce soient des fichiers, des dossiers, des services, etc). Je vous rassure qu'AdwCleaner scanne bien l'intégralité de votre ordinateur au regard de ses propres règles internes. N'hésitez pas en cas de questions,
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